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Purple Heart Day 2018 – A day to honour the heroes of America

Purple Heart Day is an observance day that salutes the wounded or killed soldiers serving the U.S Military. Purple Heart medal is the oldest U.S Military award first started in the year 1932. The event is awarded at Abingdon Veterans Centre, Abingdon, Virginia on August 7th, 2018. The medal has the picture of the first president of the united states and a military merit on the back of the medal tied by a thin purple fabric.

A regalia of dauntlessness

The award ceremony is much respected in the hearts of U.S Citizen that this observance is declared as the National Purple Heart Day or Purple Heart Appreciation/Recognition Day making it an unofficial national holiday. Duty personnel awarded the medals are usually at the level of army brigade, air force, marine or Navy task force. Purple Heart felicitates every enemy actioned soldiers wounded in the combat during the service.
Veterans of the U.S defence organize a hold to remember the fallen heroes with special events to honour the sacrifice by the soldiers for America, letting many citizens flying back to their homes to pay tribute to the American heroes.
Things to do in Abingdon, Virginia during the Purple Heart Day
1) Participate in the blood donation camp organized by the veterans of the U.S Military
2) Raise funds to support the families of the fallen heroes.
3) Attend the events telling the chapters of the Vietnam wars and the Purple Heart Chapters.
4) Witness the passive expo of the Virginia State Police Tactical Vehicles.
5) Attend or participate in other local charity and events.
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