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Halloween Day

It’s October and The Trick or Treat clamour is just about to begin. The Halloween day falls on the 31st, October, 2018 bringing forth a costumed dominant occasion to be celebrated with family, colleagues and friends with multiple activities and parties. It is a perfect occasion filled with colourful ghostly costumes, sugar candies, tucks and gifts. It is a fun occasion for children especially because of the game of Trick or Treat. Children put on their ghostly attires and go visiting houses after house in demand of either a trick or a treat. If no treats are given then it’s assumed that the cute little ghost would haunt their house. It is a very friendly, high spirited event that the Americans carry out. However in the case of adults, few watch horror movies, decorate their house with pumpkin lanterns and make scary faces out of the food and vegetables. The reason for the same is to chase away the evil spirit that is to harm the family.
Officially the 31st of October is not an official holiday. The history of Halloween goes way to the days when it was called as the Pagan Festivals celebrated in the United Kingdom where local British believe that the Halloween is the time of the year when the magical realm of the spirit world has strongest force to come in contact with the physical world, marking it a perfect day to be celebrated before the All Saint’s Day. Thus immigrants from the Europe introduced the Halloween culture to America. Somewhere around the 30’s Halloween became totally commercialized where paper decorative, rent costumes, Halloween themed food items were introduced in the market making Halloween a very profitable event for small business owners.
So what are you waiting for? Wouldn’t you want to join your friends and family and chase the spirits away for a happy end of October? Your Halloween vacations just couldn’t get any better. Cheapbestfares offers you discounted rate on all domestic and international flights tickets for your Halloween travel. Grab the best deals on Halloween only with us and enjoy the most awaited season of the year like never before.

Richmond Miami $176.5 airline-icon

13 Nov 18 - 20 Nov 18
Rochester New York $181.4 airline-icon

23 Nov 18 - 30 Nov 18
Ft Lauderdale Washington $206.00 airline-icon

18 Sep 18 - 25 Sep 18
Indianapolis Boston $211.6 airline-icon

2 Oct 18 - 9 Oct 18
Nashville Las Vegas $277.6 airline-icon

22 Oct 18 - 29 Oct 18
Tampa Los Angeles $327.6 airline-icon

18 Nov 18 - 25 Nov 18
Portland Philadelphia $402.6 airline-icon

17 Oct 18 - 24 Oct 18
San Francisco Honolulu $481.6 airline-icon

5 Sep 18 - 12 Sep 18

*All fares are quoted in USD. These fares are based on historical data. Might differ and cannot be guaranteed at the time of booking.

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