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Canadian National Exhibition – Toronto

The Canadian National Exhibition or the CNE is Canada’s largest public fair sweeping in millions of tourists every year. The fair tickles happy attractions to interact, entertain and participate to relish the true Canadian culture. The Exhibition has a showground for numerous concerts, horse and garden shoes, parades for 18 amazing days.
Ever since its inauguration in 1879, CNE has incarnated many faces of Canadian history. Earlier known as the Toronto Industrial Exhibition, CNE has become the A Show Window of the Nation. The fair happens in a large ground covering almost 350 acres of property from 17th of August, 2018 to 3rd of September, 2018. The core focal point of the event is to being forward the idea of sustainable green living. The cultural symposium contribute to publicize Canadian farming, art and industry, making it a groovy season for family, friends or even a solo traveller.
For the past many decades the CNE has been awarded the greenest fair in the entire continent of North America giving an actual platform for tourists to think about a greener planet. The beauty of this fair is that it brings out the colourful class of Canadian vibrancies.
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