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Guadalajara Flight Deals

  • United Airlines
  • LAX Los Angeles 15 Jun, 2023
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  • GDL Guadalajara 29 Jun, 2023
  • $498.00*
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About Guadalajara

Enchanting maybe just a word that describes this Mexican city but to truly appreciate Guadalajara, you’ve got to get Plane Tickets to Guadalajara and fly there. There are an end number of reasons that make the city a must-visit. Notably being the tequila country and also being the birthplace of mariachi music. If you are a first-time traveler to Guadalajara, then there is a big list of must experience things. You can marvel at the architecturally rich historical structures, interact with the tapatios at the bustling market street, take a train ride across agave fields followed by tequila testing and also drive to Tlaquepaque and walk underneath the umbrella lane. If you are planning on visiting Guadalajara during these vacations, then why not choose Cheapbestfares to Book Flights to Guadalajara. This country calls and serves a lot of people every year. So be a part of this beautiful country’s trip makers this year. If you are confused about the city that you should visit here, then let me sort that for you. What do you think about Guadalajara? It is an exceptionally designed and worked city in the entire country. You will love your time there not because it is full of spots to visit but also with the number of people who come here every year.

Book Flights to Guadalajara

If you want to visit Guadalajara, you need to book flights to Guadalajara to land at the Guadalajara International Airport which is just 10 mi south of downtown Guadalajara, and it was built on the Tlajomulco de Zuñiga city, way down to Chapala. The city of Guadalajara is located in the central region of Jalisco in the Western-Pacific area of Mexico. This airport is the thirds busiest airport in the country. You can get your Guadalajara flight tickets from Cheapbestfares for this major airport throughout Mexico in terms of numbers of passengers. This airport has three terminals. Terminal I is to be used by economic and domestic chartered airlines. The country has a huge diversity of people mostly and a very rich heritage. The city is joyful and full of colors which is something anyone would expect booking international flights to Guadalajara will provide you with the opportunity to visit and experience this amazing city. Now, you can get cheap flights to Guadalajara to make your travel easier and cost effective. You just need to simply visit the website of Cheapbestfares and explore all the Guadalajara flight deals. From there you will have the list of best deals we offer and you can choose the one which suits you the best as per your requirements and book cheap flights to Guadalajara. This is how you can get your plane tickets to Guadalajara in a cheaper way and spend the money saved to enjoy more in your vacation.

Things to Do in Guadalajara

If you are planning on visiting an international destination during these vacations, then why not choose one of the best destinations in Mexico. One of the largest cities in Mexico is Guadalajara. It is not just large, but it is also one of the best places that you can be at if you want to see the best part of the country. Guadalajara is a city that is traveled by a lot of travelers throughout the year. This country calls and serves a lot of people every year. So be a part of this beautiful country’s trip makers this year

Teatro Degollado

The Guadalajara Cathedral would definitely be on your list so why to leave the Teatro Degollado? Just opposite to the Cathedral lies a beautiful monument of the city named as Teatro Degollado. This beautiful building is not just for visiting purpose, but it also is an active performing arts’ venue. You can come here after checking the calendar of the venue, might get the chance to see a performance. This impressive theatre was constructed in the year 1866 and is worth your every while. On the outside of the building, you get to enjoy the 16 Corinthian columns and then a marble relief of Apollo which is surrounded by 9 muses. The Degollado is famous for its acoustic performances, theatre arts, and ballets. So just join the place for more fun.

Guadalajara Zoo

With a lot of time amongst the serene places here, you can also visit the Guadalajara Zoo that will give you an insight into some of the interesting animals that are present here. The zoo is located a few minutes towards the north of the city. The collection of the zoo includes white lions, Bengal Tigers, a few reptiles, Mexican wolves, lizards, snakes and much more. If you are with your family, the kids would love the safari.

Guadalajara Cathedral

In Av Alcalde 10, Zona Centro, 44100 Guadalajara, Jalisco, you get the site of Guadalajara Cathedral. The Cathedral occupies a huge space and much of the public square which is known to be a beautiful spot for all the visitors. So if you are coming to the city do not miss on this monument. And one the reasons as to why the place is so beautiful because the construction of the place started in 1558 and ended in 1616.


Transportation from Guadalajara

Guadalajara has one of the most unique traveling ways, from horse-drawn carriages to car-free streets, you name it. The horse driven carriages are capable of carrying about 5 passengers at a time and the rates are charged for the hour. The carriage stands are located at Jardín San Francisco and the Museo Regional de Guadalajara. The city of Guadalajara has celebrated Vía Recreativa on every Sunday since 2004 when the roads are closed to cars and bikes, skateboards and strollers and other non-motorized vehicles are allowed on the streets. How amazing is that? The city has a very comprehensive city bus system but the rides can be crowded and rough. The frequency of the buses is very nice with buses arriving at an interval of 5 minutes. A large number of buses pass through the city center and you can easily travel to the suburbs. You just have to know the bus route numbers. The buses are comfortable so that’s an added benefit. Currently, the SITUER subway and the light rail are the 2 railway systems that cross the city. The metro isn’t exactly helpful for the tourists as a lot of the stops are far away from the sights, which is quite troublesome. You can always rent cabs if you want a more comfortable and personalized travel experience but it will definitely cost you much more than the conventional traveling means. Avail the best international flight deals when you book your flights using Cheapbestfares.

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