Where to Travel According to Your Favorite Disney Princess

Are you a fan of a Disney Princess and you like traveling? Why not try traveling to a destination as per your choice of Disney Princess! Just imagine if you are with your favorite Disney Princess, where would you like to be? We are there for you to suggest!

Since Disney’s debut film in 1937 about Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, Disney Princess have a come a long way and have made a place in the heart of millions of fans. Today, Disney Princess range from actual princesses like Snow White and Jasmine to the sea girl mastering the art of archery and sea adventures.

The interesting thing is that each Disney princess has a unique personality, different choices, background and passion. Just imagine if they come out of the screen, its sure they would cheap airline tickets and the go-ahead to explore this world. So we have imagined where these princesses would like to go according to their personalities and choices and you will feel great if you should travel to those places as per your choice of favorite Disney princess.

Uganda – For Snow White Fans

Uganda Snows

Snow White loves her little dwarfs, but her love for animals is also considerable. So you should visit such a place where it is legal, ethical and safe for you to interact with animals. The best place in this world for this purpose is Uganda.

Uganda is a landlocked country in Africa where you can explore the majestic creatures in their natural habitat. In Uganda, Bwindi National Park is the best destination popular for its amazing gorilla trekking. It may feel that the permit is a little costlier but when you explore the destination, you would feel that it's worth the expense. And especially when you save the money by buying cheap flight tickets from Cheapbestfares. Your guide can take you closer to the gorillas than you expected to get a great feeling of seeing them closer lining their lives.

New York – For Cinderella Fans

Newyork Cinderella

If you are a Cinderella fan, you would know that Cinderella loves party and she can go from an elegant ball to getting her hands dirty, and vice versa. So you should travel to a city which has a vibrant nightlife and where you can party all night. The best place is New York City which has a vibrant nightlife, great rooftop restaurants and bars, diving bars and live musical venues.

And the best part is, that people from all walks of life are present there. So you don’t need to worry about what to wear. You can dress up as per your mood be it party wear, or a sports slippers or a jeans and a tees or anything you like. And there is no rush to come, you can enjoy more than Cinderella.

India – For Jasmine Fans

India Jasmine

Jasmine is a princess who wants to get out of all the boundations and explore the world the way she wants. She wants to break the constructs that restricted her views of the world. India is the best place in the world where people of diverse cultures and beliefs are free to choose their viewpoint and this is the place to experience and explore the rich diverse culture.

You would like the royalty in India like the Jasmine has. Do explore the great palaces of India like the Mysore Palaces of Karnataka and City Palace of Udaipur in Rajasthan, India. In the pink city Jaipur in Rajasthan, which is newly listed as a world heritage site by UNESCO; you get to explore the royalty of various Palaces like HawaMahal.

If you have a choice like Jasmine to mix in the crowd and explore the locals, India offers various famous markets in Delhi, Mumbai and Jaipur where you can lose yourself in the hustle and bustle.

Switzerland – For Elsa Fans

Switzerland Elsa

Elsa was a girl who was not at all bothered by cold and snow, and Switzerland offers it all. You can start with Jungfraujoch in the Alps. You can also explore Top of Europe building having multiple viewing platforms. Sphinx Observatory is one of the highest astronomical observatory of the world and is a must visit. Moreover, if you like to spend some me-time like Else used to do, it is a great place to enjoy some me-time.

Costa Rica – For Moana Fans

Costa Rica

If your choice of Disney Princess is Moana, then you must be a person like Moana who loves water sports, adventurous activities, nature and animals. For all this, Costa Rica offers better than any destination. Costa Rica’s beaches are world-famous for water activities like surfing, diving, kiteboarding, whitewater rafting, and sailing. Moreover, if you are an animal lover like Moana, Costa Rica has the most amazing National parks to explore like Corcovado National park having 450 species of birds and 140 mammals.

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