Travel Cheat Sheet: Best Time to Travel in 2021

Whether be in search of flight deals or massive discounts over hotel bookings, we are always enough curious to discover varied online offers to avail inexpensive flight tickets. But sometimes, we can make most out of this process of booking flight tickets at a cheap price, all just by making some smart decisions. Now you must be thinking about what all smart decisions? Well, there are numerous ways in which you can track down the lowest airfare available throughout the year in order to plan your holiday well in advance. We have done the toughest part and that is RESEARCH!

Now, all you’re left with is the simple steps to plan your travel holiday to your dream destination. The following are some of the most effective ways through which you can avail the cheapest airfare available online.

Travel by Holidays 2021

Travel by Holidays 2021

Following table will allow you to book your flight tickets well in advance according to the Holidays being presented in the table. Check out the list and find the ideal time of the year for your travel holiday. 

Holidays Recommended Domestic Destinations Best Day Check In Probable Airfare When to Buy tickets
Martin Luther's King Jr. Day Atlanta, Dallas, Denver Friday $255 4 weeks ahead
President's Day Houston, San Francisco Friday $294 4 weeks ahead
St. Patrick's Day Washington D.C Friday $299 5 weeks ahead
Easter Chicago, Boston, Miami Sunday $326 6 weeks ahead
Memorial Day Detroit, Orlando, New York Sunday $318 4 weeks ahead
Labor Day Los Angeles, Nashville Sunday $270 6 weeks ahead
Columbus Day San Antonio, Portland Friday $269 5 weeks ahead
Thanksgiving New Orleans, Petersburg Sunday $321 4 weeks ahead
Christmas Atlanta, Washington DC. Sunday $323 5 weeks ahead
New Year's Eve Miami, Los Angeles, New York Friday $350 5 weeks ahead

How to get best Flight deals and Hotel Deals?

How to get best Flight deals and Hotel Deals?

Many people look for amazing flight deals and hotel deals in order to save more money on their flight and hotel reservations. Nowadays, there are several sites online that provide exciting deals and discounts over flight ticket booking and hotel booking. Some of the most effective ways that can be used by you to avail maximum discount over flight tickets and hotel bookings are as follows: 

  • Knowing the right day of the week to check-in can help you save your hard-earned money from anywhere from 15% to 47% on your hotel stay, depending on your destination.
  • To help you save even more, the team behind Cheapbestfares curates a travel cheat sheet to help direct your next trip to all topmost destination cities.
  • Always book your flight tickets well in advance to book them at an affordable price. 
  • There are numerous deals and discount offers online, which can be availed in order to travel to any part of the world at a much cheaper price. 
  • Fly with the help of points and miles earned while traveling from one place to another.
  • As you explore through varied airfares online, identify the cheapest day to fly out.

Steps to Avail Flight and Hotel Deals from Cheapbestfares

Steps to Avail Flight and Hotel Deals from Cheapbestfares
  1. Open Google search engine and search
  2. Enter the Origin City
  3. Enter the Destination City
  4. Select the Departure Date 
  5. Click on the Search button 

That’s all, it is that simple. Now all you need to do is select your preferred flight and book your cheap flight tickets through Cheapbestfares. 


As you get along with the cheapest flight deals and offers, we ensure that you get the best out of all in order to travel at a much cheaper price. The travel cheat sheet provided is well researched and will allow the customers to book their flight tickets and hotel rooms well in advance to get them at a cheaper price. Emergency flight booking has always been expensive in comparison to well planned trips. Make sure, all your travel holidays you plan are in accordance with all the holidays mentioned above in the travel cheat sheet table.

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