How to Get Cheap Flights from USA to India

Regardless of multiple failed attempts to avail cheap flights from USA to India, people keep on searching for online flights deals. The answer to this question lies in the process that we have developed on the basis of extensive online research. The research is done to provide you with the necessary information, so that you could fly from USA to India at an affordable price. We all know Americans love to travel to India. There are certain factors due to which people around the world visits India. India is a vast country with diverse culture, astonishing historical monuments and varied regional cuisines. A nation with such variety and vivid destinations to travel attracts maximum number of people from around the world.

Traveling or say finding cheap flight tickets online to travel to India is not an easy process. Many people search for cheap flights to India in order to explore its diversity and rich heritage. Following are the most essential things to keep in mind while traveling from USA to India. Check out the information provided below to avail cheap flight tickets to India from USA. All these information is presented on the basis of people traveled to India in last 3 years from American continents.

How to Book Cheap Flight Tickets to India?

Cheap Flight Tickets

In order to get the best deals to book cheap flight tickets to India you need to spend a good time searching several websites online. It might sound like a hectic process to take on but trust me it’s worth every effort you put on. There are several blogs on the internet specifically speaking about numerous hacks to book cheap flight tickets to India from anywhere in the world. Some are genuine but some might take your valuable time and at the end will leave you confused. So cutting down to the main drill, how exactly people find their way through to find flight tickets to India at a cheap price.


Everything fall down to the main and the foremost step and that is best time to book flight tickets to India from USA. If you do it properly you need not to find any deals or discount offers to get cheap flights online. Book your flight tickets to India before 2 months. Doing your reservations 2 months prior to your voyage will allow you to get tickets at a cheap price.

Book on Tuesdays

As you are ready to book your tickets 2 months in advance, you can still cut down on the expense by booking your tickets on Tuesdays. The day is regarded as vital to book flight tickets online as a maximum dip in airfare is usually observed on Tuesday.

Incognito Mode

When trying to book cheap flight tickets online, try to clear your cache of the browser you use or go “incognito mode” on Google Chrome. The reason is that most of the ticket booking websites stock up information as cookies in your browser, so they give prices based on your current searches etc. When going incognito mode, they don’t have this information and you might get airline tickets at cheaper prices.

Best Airlines to Fly When Traveling to India

Best Airlines to Fly When Traveling to India


Emirates airline is considered to be one of the most trust worthy websites in the world right now. Millions of people choose Emirates to travel from one part of the globe to another. There are quite a few reasons why to choose Emirates. The extensive range of service and facilities provided on the flights are just amazing. Book your flight tickets via Emirates reservations and travel to India at an affordable price.


Etihad Airways to a major extent is similar to Emirates but differ on various services and amenities being provided to its passengers. Etihad and Emirates both have their bases in Abu Dhabi. Its exceptional services and varied classes of travel along with in-flight entertainment prove Etihad to be one of the finest airlines to have an astounding travel experience. Book cheap flight tickets via Etihad Airways reservations and get awesome deals and discounts.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has free Wi-Fi all the way through the airport and it really works unlike many other airports. The airline has amazing in-flight entertainment facilities that allow you stay entertained for long haul flights. Cathay Pacific usually operates in shorter haul flights but definitely you can choose Cathay Pacific to travel to India from USA. Book your flights through Cathay Pacific reservations and avail best flight deals online.

Major Cities to Fly into India from USA

Flights from USA


Head to Delhi, so numerous reasons that will surely help you have a fantastic time in India. Delhi is the capital city of India and is one of the most populated cities in the country. There are numerous places where you can visit and have a good time exploring the rich history of the country. Most people visits Delhi for food, historical monuments and blissful lifestyle.


Probably the most happening city in India, the place where Bollywood resides, Mumbai is truly a gem of a place to be in. The city is located pretty near to the Arabian Sea allowing people to experience the beach life in the urbanized world. Plan your visit to Mumbai and explore the nightlife, as the city is popularly known as the city that never sleeps.


Bangalore is a perfect place to live in due to its blissful climate. People visit Bangalore for several reasons such as climate, South Indian food, and astonishing lifestyle and of course the IT sector. There’s more to this amazing place. Your time in Bangalore will truly be exceptional as there are many hill stations to visit and have a chill time amid the mountains, clouds and waterfalls.


Kolkata is probably the ideal place if you want to experience a little bit of colonial India. The city is too vibrant, has lovely atmosphere all around and the people are pretty sweet and helpful. Travel to Kolkata from USA and have a memorable time in India. Some of the best places to visit in Kolkata are Victoria Memorial, Howrah Bridge and The Indian Museum.

Best Time to Travel from USA to India

Travel from USA to India

The most ideal time to visit India is during the period from October to late April. However, India has a very distinctive climate and a different concept of seasons than other nations around. The winters are typically pleasant with moderate temperatures and more or less no precipitation. But traveling to India during May to September can be really tough as these are the peak summer months and it can get unbearably hot out there. Though June to September is considered to be the monsoon time, during when the season covers the whole nation with heavy rainfall. So, the climate basically shapes what the finest time to visit India is. Festivals also play a huge role in deciding when and where.

Summer is the wonderful time to visit the Himalayas or the northeastern region of India. You can venture to the religious haven of Rishikesh, which lies on the banks of the Ganges River. You can even visit the exiled Dalai Lama in the region of Dharamshala. British hill stations like Shimla or Darjeeling are great to visit and experience a memorable trip. You can even choose to go hiking along the foothills of the mountain ranges both in central, north and northeast India.

Different Ways to Travel in India Cheaply

Different Ways to Travel in India Cheaply

Travel during Off Season

The best way to travel and explore a particular place at a cheap price is to visit during the off season. This will allow you to visit to most of the popular places at a budgeted price. During the off season period the cost of travel, accommodation and even food prices dip down. Thus, it is said to be the ideal time visit any of the popular travel destinations in India.

Travel in Group – Share and Save

To travel at a cheap price you can choose to travel in group. Many people choose this way to travel and explore places which could otherwise cost you a lot of bucks. Nothing can really stop you to travel when you have your friends around. The major advantage of traveling in group is that you can split the expenses on food, travel and accommodation. So this way you can cut down the cost and save money too.

Use Public Transport

Public transport of India is comparatively cheaper than other modes of transit. Those who wish to travel around places under distance 500km can choose to travel via Bus and train. As this will allow you to travel and explore places at a cheaper price. Moreover, traveling via public transport will help you gel up with local people and enable you to understand their language and culture.

Live on Local Food

Street food in India is just amazing. You can’t skip over them as there are numerous delicious local dishes that you can try out. India is famous worldwide for its spices and the Indian cuisine has every bit of amazing flavors that will add up superb taste to the food. Some of the finest food items in India that you should try are varied kind of paranthas, aloo chaat, momos, samosa etc.

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