Here a Guide to make the Most of your time in Canada

Canada is the world’s second-largest country. The country is home to diverse cities and landscapes, wonderfully friendly people, deserts, tundra, huge mountains, and rainforests.  Tourists love to visit Canada to enjoy its natural beauty and do some real good adventure sports. Along with it, the country’s modern architecture is portrayed really well into cities such as Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal, etc. 

Besides this, Canadian festivals are well-known across the globe including its film festival, Quebec winter festival, Canadian Tulip festival, etc. are some of the most famous festivals taking place in Canada each year. If you’re planning to visit Canada soon or want to travel to the country by any chance, this guide is here to help you out make the most of your time in Canada. It explores the best places to visit, foods you must try and things you must do while your time in the country. Or worry not if you have not booked your tickets yet to Canada, booking Air Canada flights on Cheapbestfares can get you the best deals and offers and can ensure that you’re not spending a lot of time and money on your flight ticket bookings

Place to Visit

Place to Visit

Canada is filled with amazing places to visit. It’s not possible to cover entire Canada in just one trip. You have to select a few places where you want to travel and spend your time exploring them. Cities such as Vancouver, Toronto are the busiest ones as they are the major cities of the country. Skipping them would be a great idea if you want to explore areas unknown and take a path less traveled. But if you want to explore Canada faster and easier, try to spend your time in these cities.
 •    Vancouver: Considered as Canada’s most ethnically diverse and densest cities, Vancouver is surrounded by mountains. The city is a hub for music, art and theatre scenes. While your time in the city you can explore its culture, drink and dine and spend your time doing great outdoor activities. It would never fail to give an amazing experience and would ensure that you’re making the most of your time being in Canada. Make sure that while booking your flight tickets you’re getting the best Air Canada deals on Cheapbestfares. 

 •    Toronto: Capital of Ontario, Toronto is one of the liveliest cities in Canada. Located along the Lake Ontario’s northwestern shore, the place is a dynamic metropolis where you’re going to see some of the biggest skyscrapers, many green spaces, and beaches. Make sure that while your time here you’re visiting the Elgin and Winter garden theatre and Shakespeare in High Park. 

 •    Banff: If you are someone who enjoys serenity and peace, in that case, Banff is the perfect place for you. It is a small resort town that offers its tourists with museums, nightclubs,    boutique shops, fancy restaurants, and other overwhelming stuff. If you’re planning to spend some time in Banff make sure to explore Whyte Museum of the Canadian Rockies, Upper Hot  Springs Pool, Fairmont Banff Springs, and Bow Falls, etc. 

Things to do

Mountain biking

•    Mountain Biking: Being the most adventurous and outdoorsy folks on the planet, Vancouverites have mapped the best bike trails across the globe. The country’s two of the biggest hubs: towns of Sooke and Campbell River on Vancouver Island are the biggest hubs for the sport. If you’re close to these locations make sure that you enjoy mountain biking. 

•    Visit the famous Niagara Falls: Set on the Canadian/US border, Niagara Falls offers the best views of from its Canadian Side. It takes around 90 minutes if you’re taking a drive from Toronto and along the way you are going to pass vineyards selling the local delicacy. Enjoy them and make your way to see the world’s biggest and most famous waterfall. Make your reservations with Air Canada reservations on Cheapbestfares and ensure that you’re not spending a lot of time and money while flying to Canada. 

•    Do some skating on the Canal in Ottawa: The 202 Km-long Rideau Canal is not just only a UNESCO world heritage site but it is also a world’s longest naturally frozen ice rink. It is opened between the months of January to early March, and is great for all the family with free access. 

•    Enjoy the Sunrise in Newfoundland: Canada’s most easternmost point, Cape Spear, which is located on the outermost fringe of Newfoundland offers the best sunset in the country. Take your family and friends together and stay a night at the place to wake up next morning with an amazing sunrise. 

What to eat

Lobster rolls

•    Poutine: Poutine is the world-famous Canadian food. It is a combination of squeaky cheese curds, crispy fries and rich gravy, which makes it a meal of dreams. You can find it in any restaurant around the country. 

•    Butter Tarts: The butter tarts are very simple but they are delicious. Made by taking flaky shells of pastry and filling them with sugar, butter, and egg filling. You can find them at any restaurant in the country. 

•    Lobster Rolls: In Canada, you can enjoy massive seafood from coast to coast. Tourists often love to eat the country’s Lobster rolls. Being the most famous dish it is served in each and every restaurant in the country and you can enjoy it with your friends and family. Booking tickets to Canada on Cheapbestfares can help you get cheap Air Canada tickets and can help you fly at low airfares.  

•    Peameal Bacon: One of the most famous foods around the place, or the amazing Peameal Bacon is a special Canadian twist on Bacon which is made from the boneless pork loin. The bacon is juicer than the American-style one and is also leaner and more delicious as well. 

•    Tourtière: The French Canadian tourtière is a savory meat pie that is commonly eaten during the holidays. Recipes here vary by family and by regionally as well. Pork, veal, beef and game are the popular choices of meat to fill the pie. 

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