Everything You Need to Know About Bali's Monkey Forest

If you going to visit Bali in the coming few days for a family vacay or a romantic getaway. Then you must add the Monkey Forest to your checklist. If you are visiting Bali for the first time, then you should visit the Ubud Monkey forest sanctuary. It is a stunning place to visit and one of the most well-liked things to do in Ubud. So in this article, we will share all the necessary information regarding this amazing experience before you go. Depending on where you are residing in Ubud you can either take a walk towards the forest or simply get a driver to take you there. It is situated towards the foundation of Jalan Monkey Forest, near where it meets Jalan Hanoman. It’s not hard to find, however, I would suggest you straight away head to the main entrance.

Lying in the hazy sea-green uplands of Bali is one of the most renowned forests in the world. Home to 600 Balinese monkeys and over 12 hectares of native flora, the forest is one of the best places to visit in Indonesia. Choose Iberia Airlines to explore the renowned Monkey forest in Bali and have a great time exploring the surrounding places.

The History of Bali’s Monkey Forest

The History of Bali’s Monkey Forest

Located in Bali’s marvelous uplands, Monkey forest is considered a sacred place in the quaint village of Padangtegal. Every year thousands of people come from different parts of the world to walk through the mystical forest and interact with the monkeys. There the ground holds so much spiritual importance for the people living of Padangtegal.

As you explore the Monkey forest, you will find three temples situated there which are reserved for Balinese traditions and prayer. The three temples in the Ubud Sanctuary are the main Temple, the Holy Spring Temple, and the Cremation. Visitors are always welcomed to admire the splendid structures, which have been eminence since the 14th century.

Around the Monkey forest, you will notice numerous monkey statues that are also of religious significance to the Balinese people. They represent the liveliness near the temples and their powers. Although the temples are enthralling landmarks and hold much significance to the residents of the village in Padangtegal, most foreigners come to the forest eager to get up close and take selfies with some of the 600 Balinese long-tailed macaques that call the woodland home. Nature-lovers will also be delighted to find out that the forest is home to 186 species of trees, some of them are there for more than a century.

Things You Need to Know Before You Go Inside

Things You Need to Know Before You Go Inside

Part of what makes the Monkey Forest so fascinating is that it’s one of the few decent animal experiences in Southeast Asia. The monkeys are fed a diet of seasonal fruit, sweet potatoes, and papaya leaves. They’re also liberated to roam in their natural habitat, and witnessing it is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Before you go through the forest, there are just a few important things to be aware of.

As soon as you set your foot in the forest, you’ll understand that this is no zoo. You are in the monkeys’ region. They move between the trees and paths of the forest at their own will and you’ll frequently find them sitting on walls. Sometimes they monkeys there do jump on visitors. Even though in most of the cases the monkeys won’t come near to you unless you offer them food. But having said that they are wild animals and therefore unpredictable.

Monkeys there usually get attracted to plastic bags, food, and water bottles and aren’t afraid to steal those items right out of your hands. They’ve also been known to open bags and look through pockets, so it’s suggested to leave anything of worth outside the forest.

Things to do in Bali’s Monkey Forest

Things to do in Bali’s Monkey Forest

Explore the Padangtegal Village

This is a picturesque little village located in Bali. The well-known Ubud Monkey Forest lies in this densely forested region of the village. Spend some time with the locals here and understand more about the Balinese traditions. The temples here are almost a century old with their interesting tales and ceremonies.

Visit Ubud Sanctuary Temples

There are three ancient temples situated within the Ubud village monkey forest. Pura Dalem Agung is the foremost temple located in the southwest region. Pura Beji Temple is in the northwest and Pura Prajapati Temple is contiguous to the cemetery. These places of worship are often frequented by tourists and locals alike. Check out the Iberia booking as you can get amazing airline deals online without any hassle.

Trek in the Forest

Take the tour or trek of the Ubud Monkey Forest Tour when you are here in Bali. The sanctuary is gorgeous with more than 115 diverse species of trees and aesthetically sculpted stunning statues. As you explore your way through the forest, do not coax the monkeys and keep away from carrying anything flashy which could attract the monkey’s attention. Blend in with nature as you soak in the stunning vistas in the beautiful sanctuary.

Indulge in Balinese Art and Culture

Close to the Ubud sanctuary on the famous monkey forest road are some artistic art museums and astonishing galleries. These are art hubs that showcase attractive works done by both Balinese and foreign artists. Other than paintings, one can also take pleasure in theatrical performances, music, and dance conducted by the Balinese people. Two of the most famous museums located there are the Blanco Renaissance Museum and the Agung Rai Museum of Art.

Places to Stay Near the Forest

Places to Stay Near the Forest

Komaneka at Monkey Forest

Once a popular center for artists, today is recognized as the place as a luxury resort for tourists. Komaneka flaunts its gorgeous luxurious suites and astounding pool villas. Other than all the basic facilities it also has a spectacular garden terrace restaurant serving delicious Balinese cuisine. Near to the terrace restaurant you can also find a pool bar located there. The resort also has the Pandan Wangi Spa which offers spa healing and beauty treatments.

Ubud Inn Cottages

Ubud Inn Cottages is located on Ubud monkey forest road, the property is a perfect blend of both conventional and contemporary architecture. It is a tranquil retreat with brilliantly manicured tropical gardens. The staff is beautifully welcoming and hospitable. There are three kinds of rooms to select from and all of them come with remarkable facilities. Apart from this, the property has a swimming pool and astounding Balinese spa treatments for tourists coming from different regions of the world.


So above you can find enough reasons why you should visit this astonishing place in Bali. Your time exploring Bali’s amazing Monkey forest will a memorable time to remember. Book your Iberia flights tickets now via Cheapbestfares and get the cheapest deals online and save your hard-earned money. So, think no more book your tickets now as a memorable trip to Bali awaits you.

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