Emirates Vs Etihad - Who has the Best Business Class Flights?

Emirates and Etihad are two of the finest airlines in the world right now. With an extensive range of quality services on offer on both the airlines, it is hard to choose, which offers the best business class flights. But with widespread research and on the basis of customer reviews we have enlisted our opinion. Read on, if you’re confused about which airline to choose for an enriching business class experience while traveling to your desired destination.

In this blog we have distinguished between both the airlines on the basis of certain factors. These are those factors through which we can come up with a conclusion that which is the perfect airline for a business class flight. Traveling in business class has its own benefits and makes a passenger’s journey smooth and hassle-free.

Here to find out which of these UAE based airline company has a better business class experience, we have enlisted some major factors. Check out the factors on which we have structured our views on the business class offerings of Emirates and Etihad.

Emirates Vs Etihad – Who has the best flight network?

Who has the best flight network?

When booking your flight tickets to travel to your destination, it is probably the primary most thing we do and that is checking the flight routes. We all want our flight journey to be as short as possible and take us directly to our destination without any frustrating layovers and halts in between. Considering the fact, both have a good flight networks around the world, we decided to judge both airlines on the basis of number layovers and number of flights they have.

Etihad Airways has a total count of 115 flights right now which flies to destinations all across North America, South America, Asia, Europe, Africa, and Australia. Whereas, Emirates has over 260 aircrafts that flies to almost all major destinations in all the 6 active continents. In comparison to Etihad, Emirates has a better flight network and more aircrafts to accommodate passengers.

Outcome - Emirates

Emirates Vs Etihad – Baggage Allowance

Emirates Vs Etihad – Baggage Allowance

Baggage Allowance of both these Middle East airlines differ enormously. Etihad has enhanced its baggage policy to a great extent for economy class passengers, which has shown a significant rise in customer satisfaction in recent years. Whereas, Emirates has a similar baggage allowance in comparison to what it had earlier. Have a look here at the mentioned baggage allowance of Emirates Airlines and Etihad Airways.

Emirates Baggage Allowance Business Class

Passengers traveling in the business class of Emirates can take up checked baggage of up to 40kg.

Etihad Baggage Allowance Business Class

Passengers who are traveling to their destination with Etihad in its business class, can take checked baggage of up to 40kg.

Since, both the airlines offer the same baggage allowance in business class and we cannot decide on the basis of economy class flights. So, this has to be a tie.

Outcome - Tie

Emirates Vs Etihad – Business Class Seats

Emirates Vs Etihad – Business Class Seats

Emirates and Etihad are two finest airline companies that offer its passengers with premium class of business class seats. Etihad’s A380 or 787 Dreamliner, the offer you with your own Business Studio, which features a comfortable seat that gets easily converted into a bed measuring 6 feet and 8 inches long. Seats offer slightly more privacy than the seats with Emirates, since they have seats along with aisle dividers that make you feel like you have your own secluded room. Moreover, you will find more legroom on offer in Etihad business class flights in comparison to Emirates business class flights.

As far as Emirates flights are considered, you will find that they are occupied with decent seats that offer great comfort and luxury. Emirates functions a fleet of Boeing 777s and A380s, so the cabin is arranged in a staggered 1-2-1 configuration, along with soft cushioned leather seats that have straight aisle access and transform into fully flat beds. When it comes to bedding, Emirates supplies a comfortable and relaxing mattress along with a blanket, and a charcoal grey duvet which is given to the passengers on some of their flights. Etihad offers full-size comforters with a soft cushioned pillows.

Outcome - Etihad

Emirates Vs Etihad – Amenity Kits

Emirates Vs Etihad – Amenity Kits

Emirates has re-installed its Amenities kits and upgraded them to more luxurious product. It includes a new fragrance Eau Parfumée au Thé Vert. Eight types or say designs are available, four for men and four for women. The Emirates kit gives you a deluxe feel and has skincare products, a foldable hairbrush, Colgate toothpaste and a pack of tissues.

Etihad’s amenity kits are only obtainable on its long-haul overnight flights and ultra-long-haul flights. If you’re travelling during the daytime, you won’t be receiving an Etihad amenity kit. Besides, you will get dental kits, a pair of earplugs, shaving kits and “sleep packs” that has a pair of socks and an eyeshade. The wallet-style bags can be buttoned to create a fashionable and useful tidy tray, that contains a Colonia sampler along with a hand cream, also with other Etihad Airways goodies.

Both the airline offers super amazing and luxurious amenity kits but the major difference really being that Emirates is one step ahead as they provide separate kits for both men and women. Considering that it is important on a long haul business class flight, Emirates gets this one in its kitty.

Outcome – Emirates

Emirates Vs Etihad – In-flight Services

Emirates Vs Etihad – In-flight Services

Some people undervalue these in-flight services as they think the main aim of availing a flight ticket is to reach your desired destination. For them, the services provided during their flight journey doesn’t matter but actually it holds a very significant place in enhancing their overall travel experience with a particular airline. Both Emirates and Etihad are recognized as one of the best airline in the world for offering astounding in-flight services and facilities.

Emirates Airlines Services

A passenger traveling with Emirates can take pleasure in the following services that are on offer:

Food Long haul flights include 3 course meals (multi-cuisine) and snacks
Wi-Fi Available with 20 MB of free date for first two hours of service offered on flight
Music Available
TV Shows Avail the newest collection of amazing TV shows on Emirates Airlines flights
Movies Upgraded collection of latest movies available
Magazines Available
Beverages Vitality boost drinks, Cocktail, Alcohol, & Wine
Flyer Program Emirates Skywards

Etihad Airways Services

A passenger traveling with Etihad can enjoy in the following services that are on offer:

Food A three course meal is provided on Etihad Airways flights
Wi-Fi Available
Music Play the latest collection of songs on your noise cancellation headset
TV Shows Watch amazing TV shows and documentaries on Etihad Airways flights
Movies Good collection of latest Hollywood dramas and comedies
Magazines Available
Beverages On-board lounge & bar, serving the finest spirits and drinks to the passengers
Flyer Program Etihad Guest

Outcome – Etihad

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