Best Places to Celebrate New Year 2020

As the New Year 2020 is getting closer and closer, so it’s high time to think about how you should spend New Year’s Eve, especially if you’re traveling abroad. We all must have planned a fun-filled evening of parties and drinks. Is the destination is still the major concern? Well, we have covered 10 astounding places for you to celebrate New Year 2020. 

1. Paris, France


Well, we have Paris at our number one spot and the reason being its magical display of fireworks at Eiffel Tower. You will see people dancing on the streets near the iconic monument, couples passionately kissing each other and many more. Celebrating your New Year’s Eve in Paris will definitely be one such decision of yours, for which you will be proud of. So what are you waiting for? Pack your bags now and head to Paris for a memorable New Year celebration. 

2. London, England


To have a crazy New Year celebration head to London with your loved ones. You will find the whole city lit up with fairy lights, parties going on all around and delicious food served in restaurants. London is one such place that has something for everyone. Your New Year celebration 2020 will be accompanied by a crowd of some 200 thousand revelers chant the countdown to Big Ben’s stroke of midnight. One can experience the astonishing light show and a sophisticated display of fireworks.

3. Moscow, Russia


If you have made up your mind that Moscow is the place where you going to welcome New Year 2020, then I must say get ready to witness the biggest display of fireworks. This historic city is the right place to enlighten your spirits like never before. You can spend your day time touring the city, enjoying the New Year vibe and in night time, grab a beer and dance all night long.

4. Vienna, Austria


If you are thinking where to go for New Year’s Eve, head to Vienna. Don’t give it a second thought as during the New Year’s time you can enjoy the mulled wine and toffee apple that will surely set your spirits for the celebrations. Venice City Hall is the place where you can enjoy classy galas and parties that the city is famous for. Looking for New Year flight deals, visit Cheapbestfares and book your flights to the lowest expenses possible.

5. New York, United States

New York

New York is hands down one of the finest places in the world to celebrate New Year’s Eve. It is one of the classic destinations in the world featuring festive parties, dinners, and the chance to attend one of the biggest New Year's Eve parties: the ball drops live in Times Square. Whether you're in search for a huge party, a fancy, warm dinner, or a change of scenery, explore New York City to witness a range of ideas for your New Year's Eve celebration.

6. Madrid, Spain


Madrid is the capital city of Spain, having said that you can expect a massive number of people flocking in during the New Year’s celebration. It is one of those cities that never sleep and parties all night long. Here also you will experience the uniqueness in welcoming New Year. People who visit Madrid during this time enjoy being a part of the Spanish and Latin American New Year traditions of eating ‘twelve grapes’ as the clock strikes 12 in the night, declaring the arrival of New Year.

7. Tokyo, Japan


You must have known Tokyo as one of the most flourishing cities in the world. There are several reasons to it, the topmost being the lifestyle and the culture of people living there. Celebrating your New Year’s Eve in Tokyo is one good option that you can consider in order to welcome 2020 with a bang. The best thing about this place is that you will have a unique experience which is the monks of the temple ring the bells 108 times. It is believed that you are cleansed by those bells to enter into the New Year.

8. Dubai, UAE


Dubai is known for lavishness, anything and everything in Dubai is pretty much luxurious. Likewise, celebrating New Year’s Eve in this “City of Gold” is a grand affair. Whether you want to party and enjoy with your family or just sit in solitude contained by the comfort of the walls, Dubai has something to offer for each and every person. New Year celebration in Dubai is full of fireworks, parties, dancing and good food. One should definitely be a part of this city’s lavish New Year celebration. Find domestic flight tickets at low airfares on Cheapbestfares and fly to your favorite destinations at low airfares.

9. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town

The V&A Waterfront plays host to possibly the biggest New Year’s Eve party in South Africa. This year they’ve introduced numerous outdoor entertainment zones and a range of carnival-themed performances to keep partygoers entertained all through the night. On New Year’s Eve, the Victoria & Albert Waterfront plays host to a massive crowd by organizing a concert and a midnight firework display. You can catch on the most stunning views of the fireworks from the many different spots on Table Mountain.

So guys, this was our list comprising of ten best places that you can visit in order to celebrate your New Year’s Eve. You can travel to above mentioned places at a very reasonable price. Cheapbestfares will help you get you flight tickets at cheapest price possible. 

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