American Airlines Vs United Airlines - Who Provides the Best Services?

American Airlines and United Airlines both come from the same baseline, United States of America. Both the airlines have garnered a very significant position in the airline industry and are ‘Kings of Americas’. You may have travelled with both the airlines and have your own opinion regarding the same. But the factors on which we have made our opinion will definitely give you an insight on this matter. In today’s world where the airline industry is a booming industry, people seek high-end services onboard.

Today, in this blog we will know about services provided by American Airlines and United Airlines. Said that, what all are the difference and which of these two airline company holds an upper hand. So, we have enlisted the factors such as the in-flight entertainment, food, complementary items on offer, amenity kits and customer care service. Check out our analysis based on these factors and let us know, do you agree with our opinion or not.

American Airlines Vs United Airlines – Services on offer

American Airlines Vs United Airlines – Services on offer

In-flight Entertainment

The in-flight entertainment plays a vital role in making the whole flight journey a comfortable one for the passenger. Having access to a service that offers option to watch latest movies, TV shows or listen to the newest collection of songs, engages the traveler a bit more contentedly.

American Airlines offer a great range of in-flight entertainment options, that comprises:

  • Upgraded list of latest Movies, TV shows and Documentaries
  • Noise cancelling headphones for listening songs or watch movies
  • All entertainment services are free to watch on American Airlines flights (via American Airlines app)
  • Oprah’s books are available on Apple Books; eligible AA frequent flyer members can avail it for free
  • Apple TV+ for channels on your seatback or your personal tablet, phone or laptop on flights with Wi-Fi

In-flight entertainment services provided on the flights of United Airlines:

  • Seatback entertainment system for an enthralling visual experience
  • Collection of latest dramas, comedies and documentaries
  • Magazines available
  • Direct TV is available with around 100 channels to watch
  • Complimentary earbuds are available on certain United Airlines flights
  • United Private Screening

Outcome – American Airlines

Food Served

Food Served

People those who’re fond of food will definitely rate any airline high for generous platter of delicious food served during their flight journey. Food being an integral part of the whole in-flight services provided, both American Airlines and United Airlines have ensured to offer a scrumptious menu to the passengers traveling. Check out the following menu that has been curated by some of the finest chefs from around the world.

American Airlines Food Menu

Breakfast Platter 1 – Breakfast Main Platter Hard-boiled egg, sliced apple, grapes, cheddar cheese, fruit phyllo cups, and Monterey Jack cheese.
Breakfast Platter 2 – Yogurt with fresh berries Green Vanilla yogurt, fresh berries, and granolas.
Breakfast Platter 3 – Egg Salad Breakfast with Sandwich Turkey breast, Swiss cheese, and egg salad on croissant with brown mustard on sides.
Lunch & Dinner
Lunch & Dinner Platter 1 Turkey breast, crunchy slaw, raspberry chipotle sauce, feta spread with Mayonnaise on the sides, and Chocolate chip cookies.
Lunch & Dinner Platter 2 Grilled chicken, beluga lentils, crunchy slaw, feta cheese, salad at the bottom in container, ready to shake.

United Airlines Food Menu

Breakfast Platter 1 – Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich Cage-free home-style fried egg, smoked Canadian bacon along with Cheddar cheese on a buttermilk biscuit.
Breakfast Platter 2 – Mixed Berry Breakfast bowl Blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, silvered almonds, pecans, sunflower seeds, Vanilla granola and Greek yogurt.
Breakfast Platter 3 – Southwestern Style Omelet Omelet with pepper jack cheese, black beans, corn and roasted peppers, chicken sausage and a potato medley.
Lunch & Dinner
Lunch & Dinner Platter 1 – Pepperoni deep dish pizza Pepperoni, Mozzarella cheese, Romano cheese and tomato sauce in a deep dish crust.
Lunch & Dinner Platter 2 - Chipotle Chicken Club Sandwich Sliced chicken, turkey bacon, cheddar cheese with chipotle aioli on a focaccia roll.

In both the menus, United Airlines holds an upper hand over American Airlines. The variety of food is more on offer from the United Airlines. Moreover, there are numerous snacks options and beverages that makes up a great menu for all the passengers traveling with United Airlines.

Outcome – United Airlines

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Frequently Asked Questions

Who has a better business class among American Airlines and United Airlines?

Wondering who has a better business class suite on offer? Well, there are factors on which this can be determined and an outcome can be generated out this. Services and amenities in the business class of both the airlines differ majorly and the American Airlines upholds the spot as the better one here. With a luxurious seating and amenities provided to the passengers, American Airlines marks its way ahead of United Airlines in terms of quality.

Outcome – American Airlines

Which Airline has the best food in the US airline circuit?

When we talk about the US airline circuit, we can’t ignore Delta Airlines. Delta has given a stiff competition to both United and American Airlines. But due to immense variety and an inspiring food menu, United takes the spot as the winner here. For further details, check out the above table.

Outcome – United Airlines

Which Airline has the best Wi-Fi connection on the flights?

Here, American Airlines leads the way with a significant gap over United Airlines. American Airlines offer the best internet connection in the whole US airline circuit. Be it on international flights or domestic, American Airlines flights are said to be well organized with great connectivity of internet. Whereas, a majority of people also had some issues with United’s internet connectivity.

Outcome – American Airlines

Which of these two airlines has the best Airport lounges?

Both American and Delta Airlines have a widespread range of airport lounges with high-quality services on offer. American Airlines Flagship lounges has a great service backed up with numerous facilities on offer for the customers.

Outcome – American Airlines

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