7 Travel Podcasts That Will Give You Serious Wanderlust

Listening to podcasts is one of the great things one can do in their free time, right? But what if the podcasts which we listen to inspire us to do wonderful things such as traveling? Yes, you heard it right. Podcasts can help you get the dose of wanderlust you require and can enhance the way you plan your traveling. Yet often it gets really difficult for us to find the right podcast which can help us with the things we seek and want to do with our lives. If somewhere you’ve struggled with the same situation then worry not. We are going to help you explore the 7 travel podcasts to quench your thirst for wanderlust. Sit tight and let us make sure that your next destination becomes your next adventure for the lifetime. Also, at Cheapbestfares we are offering our customers with the best American Airlines deals and are making sure that they fly at the lowest possible airfares with us. Book your tickets now and make your journey worth it.

The Thought Card

The thought card

1.    The Thought Card: One of the most heard and admired podcasts available online. The Thought Card is focused on world travel. It is hosted by Danielle Desir. You can start by listening to the episode of Denis O’Brien, who is the founder of Chain of Wealth and shares tips on what ways passive income can be created. Listening to the podcasts of Danielle can help you in gaining the confidence of making smart financial decisions. This will help you in accomplishing both your financial and travel goals. 

2.    JUMP: Jackie is known as the Budget-Minded Traveler. In his podcast, she inspires listeners to go out and see the world through adventure and travel.  You can get some of the most valuable, actionable information which is going to allow you to explore new places. Make sure that you listen to her interview with the Bensons, who are a family of five who traveled the world after selling all of their belongings. Also, they explain the impact of travel on their lives and in what manner it changed them upon returning home. Find domestic travel deals on Cheapbestfares while flying to favorite destinations and ensure that you’re making the most of your time and journey by flying on low airfares. 

Travel Podcast

Travel podcast

3.    Andy Steves Travel Podcast: The podcast features wanderers from all across the world. These wanderers highlight in what manner travel has affected their lives, habit, and perspectives. Listen to the episode of “Cage fighting in Peru with Rollie Peterkin”. He left a secure 9 to 5 job in order to become a mixed martial arts fighter. The inspiring story is full of practical tips and amazing anecdotes which you can find both entertaining and informative. 

4.    Chronicles Abroad: Hosted by Frantzce Lys and Nubia Younge, who highlight their experiences of living abroad as well as those of others who take risks in order to live their dream to be location independent. Start your listening journey with an episode of Yan and Lee, a couple who decided to pay off their debts in order to live abroad. After graduation, they find it quite difficult to find a job in the United States. Later, they took the matter in their own hands and got jobs overseas. Making reservations with American Airline reservations on Cheapbestfares can help you make the most of your traveling by flying on low airfares. 

Extra Pack Of Peanuts

Extra pack of peanuts

5.    Extra Pack of Peanuts: If you’re a traveler which wants to stay on a budget. This is going to be a great podcast for you. Travis is host of the show and he interviews bloggers, nomads, and entrepreneurs which give firsthand tips and insight on how to embark on your own affordable adventures. Start listening to the podcast by listening to the “7 Lessons Learned” episode by Heather and Travis. Along they share what they have learned after living a location independent life for seven years. 

6.    On She Goes: This is a great podcast that inspires women of color to become more confident explorers. It provides them with tools that they need to take the leap and see the world from their own eyes. The interviewees arriving on the show shares fresh perspectives and shed light on their travel challenges and experiences. To get started with the show, listen to the episode with Georgina Miranda. She is the founder of “She Ventures” and an adventure travel expert. In this episode, she discusses the experiences of working in a male-dominated industry. Find cheap flight deals on Cheapbestfares and make sure that you’re not wasting your precious time and money on finding the right deals for you. 

7.    As Told by Nomads: Hosted by Tayo Rockson and featuring some of the most incredible stories from individuals which are entrepreneurs and nomads and with being focused on leaders in travel, business, culture and global affairs. Make sure that you listen to the episode with Zahra Rasool, who discusses diversity, collaborative journalism and authenticity in storytelling. 

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