5 Exceptional Places to Celebrate Christmas Abroad

Christmas is not just a festival but an experience that brings the whole world under a beautifully decorated tree. Some people celebrate Christmas at home with their relatives and some love to explore various places in the world. In your pursuit of exploring the best destinations to celebrate Christmas, you can save a lot of money. All you need to do is to check out some of the best cheap flight deals in order to have budget-friendly travel experience. 

Today, Christmas is being considered as a global festival, the celebration reaches beyond the boundary of the religion and location. The whole world celebrates it with complete passion. Christmas is almost upon us and you might have already made plans to celebrate this festival in your own extraordinary ways. Spending your winter vacation abroad is definitely an unforgettable experience. Here are five of the best places in the world that you can visit in order to celebrate Christmas:

San Miguel de Allende, Mexico


San Miguel de Allende is the cultural hot spot and Spanish colonial gem located in central Mexico. The atmosphere is electric during the time of Christmas, with a theatrical march around town, fireworks, live music, and dancing in the main square, El Jardín. Everywhere you go, the holiday season is marked by robust flavors, aromas, and colors. Seasonal food and goods become accessible, offering fresh experiences to even the most veteran of travelers.

Bern, Switzerland


This winter wonderland in Switzerland has everything in store for you to experience an astounding Christmas season. The romance of Bern’s medieval old town decorated out in shining lights for the Christmas season is possibly the most unmatched thing in Europe. If you’re traveling from the United States, you can get your United Airlines Reservations ready prior to your travel to Bern. You can also find lively Christmas markets, plenty of cozy cafes and numerous shopping centers to buy Christmas gifts for your loved ones.

Lapland, Finland


Lapland is your ideal place among all the places on the list if you want to experience staying inside a heated glass igloo. The igloos are bounded by forest and offer splendid views that stretch to neighboring Norwegian Lapland. If you like adventure activities, you can try a Husky safari, and discover the outstanding white wilderness with friendly dogs. This place is also home to Santa Claus Village, where people are very kind and will offer you some drinks and gingerbread.

Munich, Germany


If you are planning to spend your time in Munich to celebrate Christmas, you are in for a real treat. The Christmas market in Munich holds its traditional Christmas Market from November 27th to December 24th on Marienplatz (St. Mary's Square) in the middle of Munich. You will find churches and cathedrals filled with organ recitals and holiday singing. That’s why; Munich is a wonderful destination to enjoy the Christmas season. You can find United Airlines Tickets at a cheap price as you plan your travel to Munich. 

Seoul, South Korea


You might experience a different Christmas celebration in Seoul than what you may know in other countries, especially in Europe and America. This religious feast is mostly for young romantic couples as they create a romantic set up all around the city. The Christmas atmosphere in Seoul is chilly, often snowy and the night lights illuminate the whole city. 

So, what have you decided? All of these above-mentioned places have their own experiences. You can simply plan your stay at a very budget-friendly price, by making some great decisions with flight booking and hotel booking. Find the best cheap flights online to explore all of these amazing destinations at a very cheap price. Be a part of this global festival and have a life-enriching experience with your loved ones! 

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