10 Astonishing Places to Travel in Europe in 2021

European countries are full of vibrant cities known for their restaurants, nightlife, museums, and architecture. So, it comes as no surprise that choosing which ones to visit can be really tough. Whether you look forward to a city break, a family or beach holiday, a romantic getaway, a cultural or gastronomic trip, alone or with friends, you will be spoilt for choice. Need even more inspiration? Check out these ten astonishing places to visit in Europe in 2021. 

The list comprises of places that offer great highlights such as the beautiful Christmas markets, beaches, carnivals, etc. Book your cheap international airline tickets to save money on your European trip. Here are the following places that you can visit in Europe in the year, 2021. 

Budapest, Hungary


Budapest has recently been voted as the best tourist destination in the world. The city looks stunning with a rich architectural and historical heritage. Moreover, it offers an unmatched combination of culture, budding gastronomy, world heritage sites and the advantages of thermal waters. Budapest is not only the best tourist destination in the world but it is also one of the most beautiful and safest cities in the world. The city offers the architectural heritage of Vienna, the elegance of Paris, the charm of Porto, and Stockholm’s gentle way of life.

Best Known for: Christmas, Rich Culture and Nightlife 
Nearest Airports: Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport.

Monte Isola, Italy


Monte Isola is arguably one of the best tourist destinations in Italy. It is located on Lake Iseo and just 2 hours from Milan. Monte Isola has the best of Lombardy spread on a few square kilometers. It also has a great mountain emerging in the middle of a beautiful lake is not less than a paradise on earth. Monte Isola seduces travelers, those who want to spend some quality time relaxing beside the lake. Moreover, here one can feel the authenticity, human warmth and respect for nature.

Best Known for: Nature, Sustainable Tourism, Gastronomy and Lovers

Nearest Airports: Bergamo, Milan

Paris, France

Paris, France

Paris is full packed with highly regarded monuments, museums, and churches. You could easily spend your complete vacation admiring amazing sights like the Eiffel Tower and traveling through exhibits at the Louvre. Still, you should save some time for munching on fresh croissants at sidewalk cafes during the day. Once the sun sets, sit down for a drawn-out meal with an astounding red wine. 

Best Known for: Museums, Monuments, and Churches

Nearest Airports: Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, also recognized as Roissy Airport, is the largest international airport in France and second-busiest airport in Europe. 

Malaga, Spain

Malaga, Spain

Forget Madrid and Barcelona, this year go to Malaga! Wander through the alleys of the old historic center, fill your lungs with fresh sea air on the quays, and sip a cocktail on the rooftop of a trendy bar. The city is an exceptional tourist destination in Europe with a mix of modern and traditional cultures. Malaga is all about leisure, tourism, beach, gastronomy, and shopping together with extensive cultural offerings and events of worldwide recognition. If traveling from the US, book your American airlines tickets well before in order to get them at a cheap price. 

Best Known for: Culture, Beach, Shopping, and Nightlife

Nearest Airports: Malaga-Costa Del Sol Airport 

Cavtat, Croatia

Cavtat, Croatia

Croatia has lately recognized as one of the most beautiful countries in the world and Cavtat, located on the Adriatic coast, is a real gem. Breathtakingly impressive, this small town is only 20 kilometers from Dubrovnik. Cavtat will attract you with the beauty of its landscapes but also the prosperity of its cultural and historical heritage. Its rich cultural scene, historical heritage, and beautiful regions along with the range of services accessible to tourists meet the demands of present-day tourists.  Thus, makes a place as one of the most attractive destinations on the Adriatic coast. 

Best known for: Seas, Seafood, family outing, and Outdoor activities

Nearest Airports: Dubrovnik Airport

Sainte-Maxime, France

 Sainte-Maxime, France

Sainte-Maxime is worldwide known for the beauty of its landscapes, its turquoise waters, and its endless beaches. It is popular with travelers from around the world for its genuine Provencal soul. If you want to live new experiences, meet new people, make new friends and discover new flavors, Sainte-Maxime is definitely the right place for you. You can enjoy a luscious piece of bread covered with local extra virgin olive oil and a glass of rosé on a sunny day. The city offers the best of Provence, the French Riviera and even some Corsican landscapes. 

Best known for: Beach, Sun, Families, Lovers, Outdoor activities, Wine, Gastronomy, and Nature

Nearest Airport: Nice Cote d'Azur Airport

Athens, Greece

Athens, Greece

The city is historic and is the structure of European philosophy. Athens is both steeped in history and focused on modernity and future cultural and economic issues. Travelers love its architecture, monuments, gastronomy, trendy shops but most importantly its nightlife. 

Athens is a city of paradoxes and great contrasts, in the country that first invented the generosity and courtesy against people who are far from their home. Most of the visitors appreciate the inhabitants of Athens who share, their heart on hand, their gastronomical and touristic treasures, which makes this place a tourist friendly destination. 

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Best known for: Culture, City break, Gastronomy, Nature and Nightlife

Nearest Airport: Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos 

Florence, Italy

Florence, Italy

Florence is one of the well developed cities in the country and it is at the forefront of sustainable development and creation. People here are very concerned about the future, the environment and major societal issues. Florence is the origin of the greatest masterpieces ever produced by humankind. Its architecture is massively rich and its museums, paintings and sculptures are known worldwide. 

Best Known for: Culture, Shopping, Brewery and Romantic Dates 

Nearest Airport: Florence Peretola Airport

London, England

London, England

London has been the main attraction of the tourists coming from different parts of the world. The city is packed with world-class sights and museums. What might be surprising is all the great un-touristy shops, markets, neighborhoods, cafes, and restaurants that has a pleasant vibe. Be sure to get away from the most popular attractions as they remain crowded all year long and explore the local London.

Best known for: Architecture, Museums, Coffee shops and Restaurants

Nearest Airport:  Heathrow Airport

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Galway, Ireland


Dublin has become one of the most thriving international cities in the world but it is hard to find the Irish culture there. Unlike Dublin, Galway is one such place where you stay and can really feel like you’re in Ireland. The city has a lot to offer and has an amazing vibe. You can actually explore most of the Galway in just 90 minutes of drive. 

Best known for: Bars and restaurants, Shopping and Beer 

Nearest Airport: Galway Airport is situated at Carnmore, 4 NM east of Galway City, Ireland and is managed by Corrib Airport Limited. 

So guys, these are the top ten places that you visit in the year, 2021. These are the best but Europe has a lot in store to offer and having said that one should never stop exploring!

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