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About American Airlines

Founded in 1930, today American Airlines is a big name of airline service vertical across America and Europe. It is one of the pre-eminent Airlines company that has created more than 900,000 jobs worldwide and supported close to 1,400 nonprofit organizations. It is a founding member of the One World Alliance, the largest aviation groups in the world, which provides the best service to its customers. The American Airlines have won many awards for its excellent service to the passengers in the aviation sector.
The American Airlines tickets bookings are available online and offline for the convenience of the travelers. You can browse the availability of tickets, online check-in and many more facilities direct from your mobile device. The American Airlines flights are equipped with exclusive facilities like in-flight wifi, on-demand entertainment, and amenities kit for first and business class passengers. It also provides travelers admirals clubs at the airport for relaxing.

American Airlines Flight Deals

Las Vegas Los Angeles
23-Apr-19 - 30-Apr-19
$ 88.60
Charlotte Miami
10-Apr-19 - 17-Apr-19
$ 147.10
Los Angeles Dallas
23-Apr-19 - 30-Apr-19
$ 162.60
Philadelphia Atlanta
07-Apr-19 - 14-Apr-19
$ 231.80
New York Dallas
07-Apr-19 - 14-Apr-19
$ 274.60
Atlanta Miami
20-Apr-19 - 27-Apr-19
$ 284.60
Orlando Charlotte
10-Apr-19 - 17-Apr-19
$ 331.10
Charlotte Fort Lauderdale
05-Apr-19 - 12-Apr-19
$ 333.10


The first flight of American Airlines takes off on late 15th April 1926, carrying U.S mail from St. Louis, Missouri, to Chicago, Illinois. It is considered as one of the preeminent airlines in the world. After 8 years of mail service, it started serving common people, helping them to travel from one place to another. On June 25, 1936, the American Airlines’s first commercial flight DC-3 fly from New York to Chicago.

Travel Experience with American Airlines

Traveling with American Airlines has always been relaxing filled with blissful travel experience. Get the most exclusive and personalized boarding experience while traveling with American Airlines along with more legroom, free snacks, entertainment and much more. You get an option to choose your preferred seat from Premier Cabin Classes, Main Cabin Extra, and American Airlines Preferred.

Number Of Arrivals at ATL 921

Percentage On time Arrivals at ATL  77.2

Number Of Arrivals at BOS 2016

Percentage On time Arrivals at BOS  79.1

Number Of Arrivals at BWI 516

Percentage On time Arrivals at BWI  87.2

Number Of Arrivals at CLT 7842

Percentage On time Arrivals at CLT  86.4

Number Of Arrivals at DEN 886

Percentage On time Arrivals at DEN  76.5

Disclaimer: * In accordance with industry standards, an 'on-time' arrival or departure is one that arrives or departs from the designated gate no more than 15 minutes later than the scheduled time. ** US Airline statistics are compiled by the Department of Transportation's Bureau of Transportation Statistics.

Where We Fly


Destinations Served

American Airlines serves to over 80 domestic destinations. You can avail Cheap flight tickets of American Airlines Flights online for your desired domestic destination. Some of the domestic destinations are Anchorage, Ontario, Phoenix, Little Rock, Tucson, Fayetteville, Los Angeles, Fresno, Huntsville, and Oakland.
Moreover, it also serves to almost 83 International airports across the world. Few of the international destinations are Saint John’s, Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro, Sydney, Paris, Toronto, Shanghai, Munich, Athens, Dublin, and others.


Passengers or Travelers can carry maximum of 10 bags with them on most American Airlines flights. However, for Economy class, all baggage must be smaller than 158 cm square and weighing less than 23 kg.

Flight Bookings

Booking tickets of American Airlines flight is no more a hassle. Now make the reservations in American Airlines at cheapest rates online. You just need to browse for the best American airlines flight deals online, compare the prices and make the final bookings.

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