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Volaris Airlines Flights and Deals

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  • CUN Cancun 01 Apr, 2023
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  • MEX Mexico City 11 May, 2023
  • $512.00*
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About Volaris Airlines

Volaris is one of the low-cost world-class airlines across the world. Based in Santa Fe, Alvaro Obergon Mexico City, the airline launched its carrier in 2003 and commenced flying in 2006. The Airline is known to provide the best in class services to its customers and offer them great deals and offers on its ticket bookings. Apart from this, its customer service is one of the best services provided within any of the airline carriers around the world. We believe in taking responsibility for each of our customers and making their journey to their favorite destinations cheaper and more comfortable. Making Volaris Reservation is another useful and less expensive option available for the customers today, instead of flying with any other airlines.

The airline fleet consists of 77 airplanes, and it serves across 64 destinations worldwide. It takes immense pleasure in offering our customers with best in class services on our flights. Today, it has become difficult for the airlines to provide its customers with the best in class facilities in their airplanes and has made it difficult for them to ensure that care and charge of every customer. It has happened because of a large number of travelers choosing the air route instead of any other routes. This has allowed air carriers to make easy money and provide less attention to their customers. But Volaris is still mainly focused on airlines and its customers. To help its customers make their journey better, Volaris is always here to assist them. Volaris Airlines is keen to serve its customers with best in class services and amenities and ensures that their services are up to the mark. 

The destinations which the airlines fly include Cancun, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, La Paz, Merida, and Morelia. Volaris is having a code-share agreement with Condor Flugdienst. The airline is known to offer scheduled services to 68 destinations in American and Mexico. With its most exceptional and unique services today, the airline arrives in the list of most reputed airlines in the world. The destinations which it serves are some of the major destinations in Mexico and the United States. With 200 daily flights, airlines are one of the finest airlines around the world. Also, Volaris flight tickets offer the cheapest flights to its customers. To enhance its customer base and increase its capability, the airline always tries to improve itself by taking customer's feedback regularly. It allows the airline to ensure that the customer satisfaction is taking place regularly.

Services and Amenities

Customers flying with Volaris Airlines are offered with some really great food and beverages. This helps customers to ease and relax and makes them feel satisfied throughout their journey. Along with it, they are provided with world-class amenities which makes their journey safe and secure. Below stated are the optional services for the passengers traveling with Volaris Airlines:

Hold your Fare

This service allows customers to put their tickets on hold and pay for them up to 72 hours later. In case if they are not sure whether they are taking the planned trip or not.


The combos’ services allow the customers to add everything they need for their flight from the start.

In the Clouds Menu

The “In the Clouds” Menu allows the passengers to select drinks, food, and entertainment in the flight. It helps the customers to make the best of their time and ensure that they are in-taking healthy food while traveling with the airlines.

Medical Facilities

While flying it is necessary for some passengers to meet their specific medical needs. Below stated are the recommendations and restrictions of the medical things which passengers can take along with themselves while flying with the Volaris Airlines:

· AirSep FreeStyle

· AirSep LifeStyle

· AirSep Focus

· AirSep Freestyle 5

· (Caire) SeQual eQuinox / Oxywell (model 4000)

· Delphi RS-00400 / Oxus RS-00400

· DeVilbiss Healthcare iGo

· Inogen One

· Inogen One G2

· lnogen One G3

· lnova Labs LifeChoice Activox

· International Biophysics LifeChoice / lnova Labs LifeChoice

· Invacare XPO2 / XPO100

· Invacare Solo 2

· Oxylife Independence Oxygen Concentrator

· Precision Medical EasyPulse

· Respironics EverGo

· Respironics SimplyGo

· Sequal Eclipse

· SeQual SAROS

· X) VBox (3B Medical) Trooper (Aer X) Oxygen Concentrator

You may transport other models of portable oxygen concentrators so long as they have a manufacturer's label stating the following in red lettering: #The manufacturer of this POC has determined this device conforms to all applicable FAA acceptance criteria for POC carriage and use on board aircraft".

Oxygen tanks are not permitted onboard; you may only bring a POC.

things to do airplane

Baggage Policy

Carry-on Baggage

On all of the Volaris Airlines reservations for different routes and fares, all of the passengers are allowed to carry a maximum of two carry-on bags. 22lbs or 10 kg should be combined weight of these bags, and they should not exceed this weight. For the individual bags, it is 22.4 x 15.7 x 12.9 inches each. For your duty-free allowance, you can keep handbags, purse, or pocketbook. Also, you’re not allowed to use them as a container to transport articles that would otherwise be regarded as baggage. While traveling with airlines, passengers need to ensure that they keep their baggage weight under this mark to ensure a safe and secure journey. The baggage policy is prepared to provide that every passenger can take the baggage according to their needs and requirement. Also, it helps to manage everything while flying with Volaris Airlines smoothly. Most of the other airlines do not provide such a better baggage policy as Volaris does. This is the primary reason why customers today choose Volaris Airlines while flying to their favorite destinations.

Checked Baggage

The baggage allowance for the Volaris flight needs to be indicated on the ticket which you have brought. The checked baggage should not need to be exceeding the combined dimensions of 158 centimeters, or 62 inches. The weight of these bags should not exceed 55lbs or 25 kg. Keeping the bags under this limitation can ensure that you’re making most of your time and money by flying with Volaris Airlines.

Check-In Information

Online Check-In

Once the passenger has bought Volaris Airlines tickets, the next step is to check-in. The passenger traveling with Volaris Airlines can check-in for their flights online, either via the Volaris website, Volaris App, or by making use of Facebook Messenger. Using the online check-in system can help you travel comfortably and can enhance your overall journey. Along with it, this will help you keep your journey comfortable and relaxing. Airlines apart from Volaris Airlines do not provide such a smooth check-in facility.

Airport Check-In

Passengers who have not checked online need to do so at the airport, via the Volaris check-in counter. The airline recommends its passengers to arrive at the airport 2 hours before the domestic flights and 3 hours before domestic flights. This would help you to keep your travel easier by checking in at the right time.

Popular Airlines of Volaris Airlines

Volaris Airlines fly to many destinations in Costa Rica El Salvador, United States, Mexico, and Guatemala. Below are the most popular routes of Volaris Airlines.

•    Mexico – Cancun
•    Mexico – Los Angeles
•    Puerto – Vallarta Mexico
•    Tijuana – Dallas
•    Guadalajara – Acapulco

These are the primary routes on which Volaris Airline operates. While flying with the airline, you can make sure that you are making the most of your time and money and are flying with a carrier that takes the complete responsibility of its passengers. Volaris is one of the best airlines to fly and operate on the routes mentioned above. Along with it, the airlines ensure that each and everything is taking place righteously as per the needs and requirements of its customers. Also, the Volaris flight tickets are much cheaper for the airlines flying to these destinations.

Passengers have seen that the tickets of the Volaris airlines flying to these destinations are cheaper and do not cost them a lot. The booking of tickets is also very easier. The airline flies numerous passengers daily which allows the airline to keep its services to the top-notch and maintain a customer frequency choosing to fly with the airlines. Booking your ticket with Volaris Airlines can help you enhance your overall journey and can make sure that you’re making the best of your time in flight. You will get the best amenities as well while flying with Volaris Airlines.

Hub Airport of Volaris Airlines

The Mexico City International Airport is the hub airport of Volaris Airlines. Along with Volaris, the airport is also known as a hub airport of Aeromexico, Aeromar, and Interjet. Mexico City International Airport is the busiest airport in Mexico and Latin America’s second-busiest airport by passenger traffic. It has two runways and can handle nearly 40 million passengers each year.

The other airlines which fly to the Mexico City International Airport include Air France, Air Canada, American Airlines, Interjet, KLM JetBlue Airways, American Airlines, Avianca and Delta Airlines, LAN Airlines, and many other airlines. Today, Volaris is best known for providing the best deals and offers to its customers, and the airlines top the list of the best airlines around the world. Its Mexican hub offers the travelers with all the required information and makes sure that they are flying with required ease and comfort. Choosing to fly with Volaris Airlines and buying Volaris plane tickets can help you get a completely new experience and can enhance your journey.

Paying with a Payment Plan

Paying from a payment plan becomes a lot easier while you’re reserving your airline tickets with Volaris Airlines. Choosing a payment plan option can enhance your billing because it is an easy way to purchase an airline ticket. Today, in the market, there are tons of options available for the people booking airline tickets, yet there are only a few which offer easy payment options and ensure a secure payment. Some of these names include Affirm (United States customers), Fly Now, Klarna, Pay Later, PayPal Credit, and PayBright (only for the Canadian customers).

Booking your tickets with Volaris Airlines by making use of these payment options can help you get cheap flight tickets and can ensure that you’re buying your tickets safely. Along with it, these payment options can let you make your transactions easier while booking your airline tickets with Volaris.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where should one download the Volaris app from?

To download the Volaris app, you can visit the app store of your Android and iOS devices. Download the app from the store and now quickly get access to the services of Volaris Airlines. From the app, you can book the tickets and can become aware of the ticket pricing easily just by sitting at your home. It is the easiest way to book your tickets and get everything on your fingertips.

What are the benefits of using the Volaris app?

From using and downloading the Volaris App, you can find the additional discount, easy access to your tickets, itinerary updates, exclusive notification, and much more. These benefits can help you make the most of your journey with Volaris Airlines and can help you enhance your time and stay with the flight. Along with it, with the help of the app, you can get access to your required information on your fingertips.

How can I get my boarding pass?

To get the boarding pass, you can check-in for your flight at the My Trips section on the Volaris Airlines app and the website. This is the easiest and the best process to get the boarding pass. You can make use of the services provided and can enhance your overall journey by keeping everything comfortable by making use of the Volaris Airlines app.

How will Volaris Airlines let me know if there is any update to my flight’s itinerary?

If there is any change or any update regarding the flight’s itinerary of a customer, Volaris airlines send an email to the registered address during the purchase, which indicates the new status of their flight.

What should I require to do in case I am having any trouble making an itinerary change on the website?

You can contact the Customer Service of Volaris Airlines in case if you require any assistance:

•    Mexico:                   01 (55) 1102-8000
•    United States:       1 855 VOLARIS (8652747)
•    Guatemala:           +502-2269-9451 / +502-2301-3939
•    Costa Rica:             506-4000-0229 / 506-4002-7462


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