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United Airlines Flights and Deals

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  • BKK Bangkok 24 Feb, 2020
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About United Airlines

Tracing its roots back, United Airlines journey is associated with the name of William Boeing, the aviation pioneer. Holding the rank of world’s third largest airline service, United Airlines headquartered in Chicago, Illinois. In 2012, United and Continental merged their flight operations after which the brand Continental is banished from the aviation industry.  A founder member of Star Alliance, It extends services to 193 countries with other 28 members of the alliance. The regional flight service is handled by its subsidiary, United Express. Together with United Airlines and United Express operate approximately 4700 flights on a daily basis to 356 airports across five continents. United Airlines and its subsidiaries are touching new heights every day. Only in the year 2017, more than 148 million flyers had flown with this amazing airline.

Destinations/Hubs/Upcoming Routes

Explore the globe with United Airlines. Currently, UA connects nearly 210 destinations including 120 international destinations and still counting. United Airlines (UA) can proudly say that they have the world's most extensive flight route network along with primary USA hubs in Chicago, Denver, Houston, Los Angeles, Newark/New York, San Francisco and Washington, D.C.

As of December 2018, United Airlines (UA) announced 11 new flight routes from its hubs Chicago, Houston, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C. Starting from June 2019 under United's new summer service,  flights to popular summer vacation destinations will commence, and you can fly to California, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Michigan, and Nova Scotia anytime as you wish.  With the goal of encouraging customers to fly with United, It has introduced 93 new flight routes including 15 international courses in the year 2018 as part of their expansion plan.

Upcoming Flight ways:

Chicago to Colorado, Florida Oregon, and Nova Scotia

Houston to Durango, Colorado and Ontario, California

Los Angeles to Stockton, California

Washington Dulles to Traverse City, Michigan

Fleet Size:

United airlines currently boasts a fleet of 779 planes which include the  Airbus A319-100 ,Airbus A320-200, Airbus A350-900 ,Boeing 737-700 ,Boeing 737-800,Boeing 737-900ER ,Boeing 737 MAX 9, Boeing 737 MAX 10 Boeing 757-200 ,Boeing 757-300, Boeing 767-300ER, Boeing 767-400ER, Boeing 777-200 ,Boeing 777-200ER, Boeing 777-300ER, Boeing 787-8, Boeing 787-9 ,Boeing 787-10.

Classes of Service 

United Airlines Economy Class 

The cheapest and most basic of all classes’ basic economy come with a few limitations. The passengers are allowed to carry one personal item that can fit under your seat. The passengers are provided with meals and beverages in the flight. Inflight entertainment is also provided which includes Wi-Fi so that passengers are can stay connected with the world while traveling.

United Airlines Premium Economy Class

The premium economy comes with considerable benefits. The seats are pretty comfortable with extra legroom. You have a wide array of meals and beverages to choose from. A complimentary 3 course meal is provided to passengers on flights longer than 12 hours. Inflight entertainment is available so that you don’t feel bored during the journey. Wi-Fi is also provided to keep you connected on the go. DIRECTV is available with more than 100 channels so you have plenty of TV shows and movies to browse from.

United Airlines First Class

Buying a first class ticket will give you an amazing service from the time you are the airport, the boarding and checking out at the destination airport. You are given a prioritized check in, boarding and boarding facilities. So, no worries about standing in long queues. You can check in 2 additional standard sized bags and these are included in your ticket fare. The meals provided are exquisite and prepared by chefs especially for you. The seats are very comfortable and relaxing, you get extra head and legroom with padded seat cushions. Youwon’t feel tired even after a long flight. In flight entertainment is available in the flight, you have 15 inch screens to enjoy and your favorite movies, and music. Wi-Fi is available which can be purchased on the flight.

United Airlines Business Class

The benefits of business class are numerous, from prioritized check in when you arrive at the airport to prioritized boarding and checking out. This was save from all the hassle and save up a lot of time. Just like the first class you can check in 2 additional standard sized bags without any charge and your bags will even arrive first at the baggage claim. The seats in this class are very comfortable and spacious and can be reclined. DIRECTV is available on all united flights to let you stay entertained throughout the journey. There are USB ports and a universal AC power plug to charge your devices. You don’t have to worry about your devices running out of juice In the middle of something. A team of well renowned chefs will prepare your food which will be scrumptious and exquisite. Beverages available range from soft drinks,tea, juice to a variety of beer, wine and other spirits. 

Services & Amenities

To be ahead in the competition, United Airlines (UA) broadcasts more than 100 channels of live television. It is free on 211 Boeing 737 United aircraft furnished with seatback TV, presenting trouble-free viewing gate-to-gate.

Entertainment/United Private Screening

United is eager to inform its flyers that it has introduced new seatback monitors just to entertain you. This service gives you the opportunity to stream Hollywood Blockbusters, TV shows, music videos from VEVO playlists. Watch the show on your personal device or through a seatback monitor depending on the flight.

Wi-Fi Service

The airline knows how essential it is for you to stay in touch. So, United Airlines has started onboard Wi-Fi subscriptions. Purchase to enjoy the internet services for next one month or a year on United Airlines flights equipped with Wi-Fi.


Get the privileges of a fine-dining experience as a business class traveler. Their in-flight menus are designed by renowned chefs. Relish your five-course meal while you are seated in United Polaris business class. For United Economy dining soft drinks, juices, non-alcoholic beverages are complimentary across the world. A variety of food items are available according to your flight duration and location.

Frequent Flyer Program

The United MileagePlus Program is offering great benefits for its members. As a frequent flyer, you can receive extra special deals and discounts. MileagePlus is known as the world’s most rewarding loyal program. Not just a loyalty frequent flyer program, it is much more than that as you can earn your miles anytime anywhere. You can have endless possibilities to win miles with your daily activities and use them on your trips, experiences, dining and more. If you love shopping, then try MileagePlus shopping and earn up to 1000 bonus miles simply by shopping at more than 900 stores.

United Airlines Pet Policy 

The passengers are allowed to carry their pets on the flight. The pets include domesticated cats, dogs, rabbits or birds. The pets are supposed to be kept inside the kennel on the floor at all times whether at the airport or inside the plane. The kennel should be placed under the passenger’s seat and anything that does not fit under the seat will not be accepted. This service will be charged 1254 for each side. The passengers have to check in their pets with a United customer service representative at airport lobby and they will receive a brightly colored yellow bag tag which is they are supposed to attach to their pet’s kennel.

United Airlines Rewards Program

Mileage plus by united airlines is known as the most rewarding loyalty program in the world. The more you travel the sooner you will achieve premier status. But this is much more than just a frequent flyer program. The miles you earn on your daily activities can be used on a wide array of things.

Unaccompanied Minor Service

This service is provided by the airline to young children flying without the supervision of an adult. This service is only provided to kids aged between 5 and 14. This service can only be availed if the kids are traveling on a direct flight. The flight attendants will help the minors with the check in and the seat will f be selected by the airline which can be seen the reservations 48 hours before the flight. The kids are given complimentary snacks. This service costs 150$ for each way for up to 2 kids. 

things to do airplane

Baggage Fees

Carry On Luggage

Travelers can carry on board one full-sized carry-on luggage plus one personal article. If you are an economy class passenger, then you are allowed to bring only your personal item such as a laptop bag, shoulder bag, etc. But if you are a Premier member or primary cardholder of MileagePlus credit card or Star Alliance Gold member, then you can enjoy some relaxation on baggage rules. Apart from the full-sized carry-on bag for other items charges will be applicable for economy passengers.

Dimensions for a carry-on bag maximum 9 inches x 14 inches x 22 inches (22 cm x 35 cm x 56 cm), inclusive of handles and wheels

Dimensions for your personal article, like a shoulder bag, backpack, laptop bag or other small items, 9 inches x 10 inches x 17 inches (22 cm x 25 cm x 43 cm)

Checked-In Baggage Rules

Two standard sized bags are permitted for air passengers. But economy class passengers have to pay the fees.

Dimensions: 62 inches or 157 centimeter (length + height + weight)

Maximum Weight: 50 pounds or 23 kilograms

Baggage fees are depending on the kind of fare you buy, your destination, if you are an active US military personnel or dependent, your status with United Airlines' (UA) frequent flyer program, if you have a United Airlines (UA) sponsored credit/charge card.

United Airlines Flights & Airlines Tickets

United Airlines comprehensive route network will help to find cheap flights to anywhere in the world. No matter you want to reserve a connecting flight or a direct one, they have various flight booking options for their customers. But to minimize your headache of getting the cheapest air ticket, We at Cheapbestfares has gathered all flight reservation information regarding United Airlines. So without wasting time, book your next flight today!

United airlines is one of the behemoths in the airline industry, also referred to as United, the airline has its head office located at Willis tower In Chicago. The airlines was formed by the merger if several airlines in the late 1920’s. They have an extensive network of domestic and international flights that cover more than 230 destinations in 73 countries spanning over 5 continents. United is also a founding member of the Star Alliance which is the world’s largest airline alliance. United has a considerable presence in the Asia-Pacific region. United Airlines reservations will help you travel to your favorite destination.

United Airlines Flights be booked on Cheapbestfares which will assist you to avail Cheap United Airline flights. If you want to travel somewhere but you were too late to book the flights. Now you are worried the tickets might be too costly, worry not! Cheapbestfares will assist you in getting United Airlines flight deals to the location of your choice. Just because you were able to get Cheap United Airlines tickets does not mean that the services will not be good.

United airlines provides exceptional service to all their passengers. With an experience of over 8 decades under their Belt, united airlines will be your favorite airline once you travel with them. You can book United flights online by either visiting their website or calling the TFN of United airlines reservations which is service available 24*7. 

United Airlines Flights Reservations FAQs

Why Fly with United Airlines?

United airlines is one of the biggest airlines in the world, with decades of experience of satisfied customers. They fly to almost every destination around the world. A founding member of the star alliance, they work with a network of airline all over the globe that.

Do you get food on United Airlines flights?

Yes, food is provided on every united airlines flight. There are complimentary meals and beverages. But you can also purchase food on the flight. There is a wide range of meals and beverages to choose from.

How many countries does United Airlines fly to?

United airlines currently flies to 73 countries spanning over 5 continents. 

How do I change my united airlines flight reservations

The reservations can be changed in the following ways. 

  • You can visit the United airlines reservations website where you can fill your details and make the appropriate changes.
  • You can the TFN of the airlines and the necessary changes according to your needs.

How to cancel united airlines flights

To cancel your United airline flights, all you need to do is call the TFN +1-855-222-7164of Cheapbestfares.

How to cancel united airline flight within 24 hours

For all your queries regarding the reservations and flights all you need to do is call the TFN +1-855-222-7164of   Cheapbestfares.


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