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Iberia Airlines Flights and Deals

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About Iberia Airlines

Iberia is the largest flag carrier of Spain that was founded in the year 1927. The Airline has its headquarters in Madrid and is a part of the International Airlines Group (IAG). Iberia is one of the major members of the One World Alliance and owns four subsidiaries comprising of Iberia Cargo, Air Nostrum, Iberia Express, and Iberia Regional.

Iberia from their base airport in Madrid operate all the scheduled domestic and international flights and services to around 100 destinations across Asia, the Middle East, South America, North America, Europe and Africa. From in-flight services to maintenance and IT system, everything is controlled from here only. Iberia is considered to be one of the most punctual airlines in the world. Moreover, the organization has also awarded 4-star rating from Skytrax in the year 2017. If you are looking for cheap flights, then look no further than Cheapbestfares. We guarantee you have a comfortable flight ticket booking and that too at affordable prices.

Flight Operations/Destinations 

Iberia Airline covers almost 100 destinations across five continents. The most popular destinations from these five continents are as follows:
•    Europe - Frankfurt, Milan, Madrid, Lyon, London, Lisbon, Zurich, Nice, and many more. 
•    North America - Boston, Los Angeles, Miami, Mexico, San Juan, New York and Chicago. 
•    Central America - Panama, Cuba, San Salvador, and Costa Rica. 
•    South America - Cali, Bogota, Asuncion, Buenos Aries, and Caracas. 
•    Africa and the Middle East, Algeria, Dakar, Marrakesh. 

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Fleet Size

Including all its subsidiaries, the total fleet strength of Iberia is of 141 aircraft, including modern and young plane such as Airbus A321, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A320, Airbus A319, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A340-600, CRJ-900, CRJ-200, CRJ-1000, and ATR-72. 

If the subsidiaries are to be included, then Iberia has a total fleet strength of 141 aircraft. The fleet strength of Iberia is a mixture of modern and young aircrafts such as Airbus A321, Airbus A330-300, Airbus A330-200, Airbus A320, Airbus A319, Airbus A340-600, CRJ-900, CRJ-200, CRJ-1000, and ATR-72. All these aircrafts are well equipped with modern facilities and special amenities in order to give an outstanding flight experience to their passengers. So, get your Iberia booking now and enjoy the transit to your destination. 

Flight Service and Amenities

On the basis of your airfare and travel type, you get to have the benefit of a set of services and amenities. They vary on the basis of the travel class you prefer for yourself. Iberia offers five different travel classes to its passengers, and there are a set of exceptional services that a person enjoys in all five classes. So, before you book your flight tickets check out all the facilities from the website in order to get in the particular travel class.

•    Passengers traveling in the Economy Class will enjoy, sockets for charging their phones and laptops, 9 inches personal touch screen for entertainment purpose, two meals, internet connection and Ronda Magazines.
•    Passengers traveling in the Premium Economy Class will enjoy spacious seating areas, recline seats up to 120 degrees, a wide range of Spanish cuisines, Magazines, free Wi-Fi and unlimited entertainment.
•    Passengers traveling in the Business Class will enjoy a free seat beside their confirmed seat, multi-cuisine dishes, priority check-in, and personal I-Pads to enjoy music, movies, and access to VIP lounges.
•    Passengers traveling in the Business Club get to enjoy spacious and comfortable seats, priority check-ins at the airport, Personal I-Pads for entertainment, meals, access to VIP lounges and adjustable headrest.
•    Passengers traveling in the Business Plus get to enjoy recline seats up to 180 degrees, personal cabins, free Wi-Fi, GSM Facilities, a wide range of Video Games, and multi-cuisine dishes.

According to your facilities and preference, you can select the travel class for yourself and then book Iberia flight. If you are in search of cheap flight tickets then you are at the right place. 

Frequent Flyer Program

Iberia Plus is the frequent flyer program that offers the regular flyers a chance to get the best service further benefits on the go. Enrolling in this program can help you get some points. These points can then be redeemed with Iberia Airlines or any of its partner airlines. The member can make use of these points to avail the benefits and rewards of airline. 

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Iberia Airline Baggage

Iberia passengers are allowed to carry 23kg of checked baggage and one piece of personal item and carry-on.

Carry-on Baggage

Each passenger traveling with Iberia is permitted one piece of carry-on luggage to store in the overhead compartment. The maximum size limit per piece of carry-on luggage is 56cm x 45cm x 25cm. Business Plus passengers on long haul flights can obtain 2 pieces of carry-on luggage on board. Alongside the allowed carry-on bag, passengers are also allowed to take one personal item, which could include a handbag (purse), or small briefcase, a camera, laptop computer, or baby bag with food, drink, clothes and other necessities for the flight.

Checked Baggage

The Iberia free checked baggage allowance applies to items that fulfill with the following regulations:

Maximum total length of 158cm (62 in), including the pocket, strap and wheels

Maximum weight of 23kg (50 lb)

The number of checked baggage pieces passengers can obtain free of charge will depend on the destination and ticket class. Any articles above the free luggage allowance will be subject to excess baggage fees.

Iberia In-flight Entertainment

Iberia works to offer you the best possible range of TV shows and movies on board your flight. The Iberia in-flight entertainment system also offers the passengers a wide collection of music, podcast, audio books and games.

Iberia Airlines TV

Iberia Airline passengers can select from 105 different TV shows as well as documentaries, sports, technology, travel and much more.

Iberia Movies

There are above 65 different films on board your Iberia flight in different languages such as English, French, Italian and Portuguese. Iberia updates its movie collection monthly so even frequent flyers can discover something new to enjoy.

Iberia Seat Selection

Do you love sitting next to the window? Or do you need additional legroom? Here at we offer seat selection on Iberia flights to improve your in-flight experience. When making Iberia airlines reservations with Cheapbestfares, you can see the seat availability and select your ideal seat. Booking with Cheapbestfares means getting your preferred seat! Check out some Airline deals in order to save money on flight reservations. 

Different Class Provided by Iberia 

Iberia Economy Class

Iberia Airlines Economy Class takes pride in comfortable seating, food and entertainment that is offered.
Iberia Airlines Economy Class Facilities
Iberia Airlines' Economy Class facilities comprises of 9 inch touch screen for in-flight entertainment that is available in 65 different languages. Games and online press is also provided on Iberia Airlines. 

Food is included for long-haul flights passengers and you can pay for meals on short-haul flights, for a fee, from the range of beverages and snacks offered.

Iberia Airlines Economy Class Seating

The seating available in Iberia is of 79-81cm space with a 46cm interior seat and adjustable head rest for additional comfort.

Iberia Premium Economy Class

Passengers with Premium Economy ticket will enjoy a massive amount of additional benefits. The benefits includes 94 cm of separation between rows, 18 cm of seatback recline, a larger TV, Wi-Fi, noise-cancelling headphones, a blanket, pillow and a special amenity kit!

Premium Economy Facilities

Premium Economy airline tickets allow the passengers to access to priority boarding and disembarkation, as well as seat selection and a superior checked baggage allowance. Premium Economy passengers can also enjoy an improved in-flight entertainment system, with larger screens and complimentary headphones.

Premium Economy Seats

Seats in Premium Economy have 94cm of separation between rows, 49 cm seat width; 18cm of seatback recline, as well as a changeable headrest and footrest. Moreover, passengers are offered a personal space to store their personal items.

Iberia Business Class
Iberia's Business Class service allows the passengers to fly in style. Enjoy regional wines together with a gourmet dining experience along with relax in comfortable and spacious seats.

Iberia Business Class Facilities

Passengers will be provided with exquisite gourmet meals accompanied with designation-of-origin wines.

What is Iberia Business Class Seats Like?

On long-haul flights, Iberia provides 200cm lie-flat seats with USB and universal electric outlets through which passengers can charge their electronic devices. Moreover, the passengers can also enjoy supreme privacy with a 15.4" touch screen and bendable headrest, noise-cancelling headphones.

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Iberia Airlines Flight Check In
Iberia Airlines Online Check-in

Looking to check in to Iberia Airlines? Cheapbestfares offers online check in for a number of airlines, including Iberia.

Iberia Airlines Airport Check-in

Passengers will require checking in at the airport in case if they are in need of passenger assistance, they are traveling with a pet, etc.

Iberia Airlines – Food and Beverages

Iberia Meal Options

Long Haul

Business Plus passengers are provided with a seasonal menu, full of flavor. Premium Economy passengers are provided Spanish foods, made with seasonal fresh produce. Economy passengers are offered a healthy a balanced meal, made with some seasonal ingredients.

Other Flights (Domestic/Short Haul/Medium Haul)

Business Class passengers are given all meals complimentary to the service provided by the airline, from breakfasts, lunches, afternoon teas or dinners. Economy passengers are also offered meals complimentary for flights of 4.5 hours or more. For economy passengers on shorter flights, passengers can purchase items from the on board service, that comprises of sandwiches and other snacks.

Iberia Special Dietary Requirements

Passengers wishing to ask for a special meal must do so by contacting Iberia Airlines at least 24 hours before departure. These can be requested by only Business class passengers who are flying longer than 90 minutes, or tourist class passengers who are flying for more than 4.5 hours. Below are all the special meals that can be requested on board. 

•    Vegetarian Asian meal
•    Vegan Vegetarian meal
•    Ovolacto vegetarian meal
•    Low-fat meal
•    Lactose free meal
•    Low calorie meal
•    Low salt meal
•    Diabetic meal
•    Gluten free meal
•    Baby meal
•    Children’s meal
•    Kosher meal
•    Muslim meal
•    Non vegetarian Hindu meal

Iberia Drinks & Alcohol

Iberia has their own wine cellar which features the finest Spanish wines. This is frequently updated in every 3 months, allowing passengers to taste a wide range of reds, whites and sparkling wines. These wines, as well as the normal drinks service featuring soft and hot drinks, will be accessible and passengers can purchase it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

What does baggage allowance mean?

It is the maximum limit which can be carried free of charge, and it varies according to the class, origin and destination. 

What are Elite Points?

Elite Points (EPs) are only used to maintain the level of passenger’s Iberia Plus card or promote it to Plata, Oro and Platino.

Can I book my airline tickets without registering on

Yes, you can. But if you still have a doubt, you can contact the customer service team of Iberia. 


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