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Finnair Airlines Flights and Deals

  • Finnair
  • LAX Los Angeles 02 Jan, 2023
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  • LON London 16 Jan, 2023
  • $732.00*
  • Finnair
  • HOU Houston 02 Apr, 2023
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  • LON London 19 Apr, 2023
  • $992.00*
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About Finnair Flights

Flag Carrier and the largest airline in Finland, Finnair is one of the top traveled and preferred airlines across the world. Its headquarters are situated in Vantaa and its main hub is located at the Helsinki- Vantaa Airport. Today, the airline flies to many destinations which include Helsinki, Ivalo, Joensuu, Jyvaskyla, Kuusamo, Kajanni, Kuopio, Kokkla, Kem, Kittila, Oulu, Rovaniemi, Turku, Vaasa, Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Meriehamm, Tampere, Tel Aviv, New York, Miami, Shanghai, Chicago, Delhi, Hong Kong and many others. 

The major shareholder of the airline is the government of Finland and member of the Oneworld airline alliance. In addition to the Oneworld alliance, the airline has codeshare agreements with Air France, Bangkok Airways, Air China, Aeroflot, Czech Airlines, Belavia, Jetstar Asia Airways, Flybe, Icelandair, Nordic Regional Airlines, TAP Portugal, and Rossiya. 

The Airlines and its subsidiaries dominate both international and domestic air travel in Finland. Its fleet consist of numerous aircrafts including Airbus A319, Airbus A330, Airbus A320, ATR 72’s and Airbus A340. Today, Finnair Airlines is considered as the most reputed airlines around the world. Because of its wonderful customer service and responsible travel unit, Finnair Airlines stands apart in providing customer satisfaction and admiration of all kind. The cabin crew of its fleet is generous and humble and always keeps its guests first. They ensure that each and every need and requirement of their customer is being fulfilled and along with it, they take proper measures to guide the people flying in their airlines with required safety measures. Finnair Airlines takes great pride in being the world’s best airline in service and comfort. 

Fleet Size

The Airlines includes the above aircrafts in its fleet:
•    A319-100
•    A330-300
•    A320-200
•    Embraer E170
•    A321-200
•    Embraer E190

Classes of Service

The Airlines offer its customers with two different class fares: Business Class and Economy.

The Airline is proud to offer the convenience and comfort required in its Economy Class. It is a comfortable setting for the budget traveler. There are a variety of benefits to enjoy in the economy class of Finnair on both intercontinental flights and flights to the Europe and Middle East. There are two different Economy classes offered by the airline. The Economy and the Economy comfort. 

Facilities of Economy Class

The amenities and facilities of economy class include, for intercontinental flights you can take 1 piece of checked baggage. In case if the passengers are traveling to Japan the journey allows only 2 pieces for the flights there are returning ones. The Carry-on baggage needs to be of 8 kilograms for the customers flying with Economy Class. Coffee, tea and beverages are complimentary and customers can use In-flight entertainment and access internet for a small fee. 

For flights flying to Middle East and Europe on selected routes the seat and meal packages are available. Customers are allowed to take 1 piece of check baggage and light tickets do not allow 1 check baggage. The carry-on baggage needs to be of 8 kilograms and the complimentary choices of coffee, tea, and beverages are available. 

The seats of the Economy Class are of 31 inches. The intercontinental flights offer wide space, economy comfort seating with a Marimekko design pillow and blanket ready seat. Also, the USB plug is available on A350 aircraft and customers do not require an adaptor to charge their phones, or any other electronic gadgets. Also, customers can enjoy good leg room and seat space in Middle East and Europe Flights. The Finnair Economy Comfort Class seating measures from 34-36 inches. 

Finnair Premium Economy

The Airlines is yet to offer a premium economy service and passengers which are wishing to upgrade requires purchasing a Finnair Business Class Fare. 

Finnair Business Class

Being a customer if you are traveling for business or for pleasure, the business class of Finnair Airlines is the ultimate way to travel. The airline offers its Business Class passengers full flexibility, extreme comfort and top-class service from the moment they arrive at the airport to the moment they reach at their destination. The facilities of business class ticket includes the priority check-in, two or three pieces of baggage, exclusive in flight business class meals including other benefits as well. The priority of the airline is to make its customers have the best experience during their business class seats and flights which are designed for the passengers to have the most comfortable in-flight experience. 

Services & Amenities

Finnair Food and Meal Options

Passengers which are travelling with intercontinental or Business Class can experience two different world-class meals. The main meal comprises of bread, starter, and choices of main course, dessert and cheese. Also, passengers can opt for an express meal service which consists of an appetizer, cheese platter and soup. Sweets and snacks which are served throughout the flights include a separate snack bar. Passengers can also pre-order their choice of main course in most of their flights.

Flights which are flying within Middle East and the Europe, and the passengers in the business class receive a high quality meal. What is offered varies according the route which they are traveling. The passengers flying from the economy class are allowed to pre-purchase a meal from the airlines bistro menu, which ranges from fresh sandwiches to hot meals or salads. Additionally, they can choose to purchase meals on board their flights as well. 

Up to 24 hours before departure, passengers are allowed to pre-order a meal for special dietary requirements. The meal here is included in the ticket price from the Finnair website. The available meals are:

•    Bland Diet (BLML)
•    Low sugar and low fat diet (DBML)
•    Gluten Free diet (GFML)
•    Low calorie diet (LCML)
•    Low cholesterol/fat diet (LFML)
•    Low sodium diet (LSML)
•    Low lactose (NLML)
•    Hindu Diet (HNML)
•    Asian Vegetarian diet (AVML)
•    Kosher diet (KSML)
•    Moslem diet (MOML)
•    Children’s meal (CHML)
•    Fruit Platter (FPML)
•    Raw vegetarian (RVML)
•    Seafood meal (SFML)
•    Non-diary vegetarian diet (VGML)
•    Lacto-Ovo vegetarian diet (VLML)

Finnair Beverages

The Intercontinental Business Class passengers can enjoy the beverages including the best wines with their meals and coffee and tea throughout their flight. Passengers flying from Bangkok, Havana, Goa, Krabi, Ho Chi Minh City, Puerto Plata, Puerto Vallarta, and Ho Chi Minh City which are International Economy passengers are going will receive free soft drinks including wine, beer, and other alcoholic beverages available to purchase. 

In-Flight Entertainment

Finnair Airlines offer an amazing range of entertainment services for its passengers which includes music, games and TV series. You can sit back and relax with the Airlines Nordic Sky Entertainment System. 

Finnair TV

The passengers who have booked tickets with Finnair Booking or are flying with the airlines can enjoy their favorite series such as Empire and the American Horror Story on board in their flights. They are provided with sitcoms, documentaries, and kids’ shows etc. 

Finnair Movies

From the Finnish Classics to the stunning new releases, customers can enjoy from a choice of their movies on board. Also, you are going to find movies which are good to watch with family and animated ones for the kids to enjoy on the flight. 

Frequent Flyer Programme

Passengers flying with Finnair Airlines can enjoy its Frequent Flyer program named as Finnair Plus and the ones which have enrolled in this program can enjoy various benefits and rewards. Once you’ve become the member of the airlines loyalty program, you can keep earning your points for all of the flight tickets and services which you receive from it. And these points can be redeemed in a variety of ways, like taking any other extra service, booking a flight ticket, getting the access to the lounge, upgrading its ticket class and many other things. One of the best parts of its program is that customers don’t have to pay any amount during their joining. 

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Baggage Fees

The airlines offers really good baggage fee as they acquire options which are really helpful for its passengers. The price of the products depends on the routes and the class which the passengers are traveling to. Once you crack the Finnair deal make sure that you check the baggage allowance on their website. Travelers are allowed to take carry-on baggage which should not be weighing more than 17.5 lbs. and not more than 34 inches if they are traveling in Economy. For Business class travelers, the baggage can weigh up to 22 lbs and its size can remain 34 inches. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

Passengers who are traveling in Economy class from Asia get the leverage of 50 lbs, dimensions and weight up to 62 inches, and for the ones which are choosing business class on the same route are allowed to have a leverage of 70 lbs, dimensions up to 62 inches. 

For the passengers which are traveling within Russia, Europe, and the Middle East, the economy travelers have the leverage of taking 50 lbs, weighing and 62 inches dimension baggage and business class travelers having the allowance of 70 lbs and 130 inches on dimension. 

Size and Weight Restrictions

The size and weight of the baggage and carry-on depends on the route which you are traveling to. Along with it, it is also dependent on the classes which you are choosing to travel. Make sure that before you finalize your travel with international or domestic flight class check out the allowance and then book cheap Finnair flights

Finnair is a part of Oneworld alliance which is a leading global airline network, with 15 different airlines. The alliance was founded and is now a part of member airline such as Finnair, Cathay Pacific, LAN, TAM, Qantas, Malaysia, Iberia, SriLankan Airlines, American Airlines, British Airways, and many others. The Alliance covers more than a thousand destinations in 155 different countries. 

Apart from all these aspects, Finnair has received a huge recognition around the world for its leading world class services and excellent customer support. Today, the airlines stay as one of the largest and the finest airline carrier around the world. The food and drinks provided into the Finnair Airlines are of the finest quality and customers have always seen to be giving positive reviews of the airlines food and drinks. Booking your tickets with Finnair can help you receive the best in class airline service and enjoy a comfortable travel. 

Finnair Flights & Airfare Reservations

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