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China Eastern Airlines Flights and Deals

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About China Eastern Airlines

One of the three major airlines of the home country, China Eastern Airlines (MU) is the best and the most reputable airline in China. This major passenger carrier has its headquarters located in Shanghai, China. And its major hubs at Shanghai–Pudong, Shanghai–Hongqiao, Kunming, and Xi'an. Its secondary hubs are located in Beijing and Qingdao. Although China Eastern Airlines founded the airline in January 1957, it was only in the year 1988 the airline re-established after going through end number of reformations. This airline is also known for providing logistics services operating and scheduled passenger flights. China Eastern Airlines is associated with the SkyTeam Alliance; it is one of the best alliances. Through the membership, the airline transports over 100 million passengers and it also allow members of the frequent flyer program to access to more than 672 lounges within all the SkyTeam member airlines.

Flight Operation/ Destination

China Eastern Airlines along with 20 SkyTeam members has an extensive network which connects to over 1,062 destinations in 177 countries. However, the airline alone without the 20 SkyTeam members flies to more than 257 destinations in 35 countries.

Fleet Size

The fleet size of China Eastern Airlines is over 654 aircraft which consists of airline models of Airbus and Boeing like A330-300, A321, A320, A320NEO, A319, A330-200, B767, B777-300ER, B737-800, B737-8MAX, and B737-700. In 2018, twenty-two aircraft were introduced like B737-8MAX and A320NEO.

Services & Amenities

The services and amenities provided by China Eastern Airlines are top-notch. You can experience luxury from the moment you enter the airport and escape from the chaos of the airport into the lounge. China Eastern Airlines offers three types of travel class which includes the First Class Flights, Business Class, and Economy Class. If you are booking China Eastern Airlines airline tickets on any of the classes, you will be pampered with amazing facilities from amenities to baggage allowance and seat configurations. If you are a first-class ticket holder, you get to have a private cabin that has double beds with delicious gourmet dishes and uninterrupted Wi-Fi. The business class features comfortable seating which lets you unwind and stretch your legs. The passengers can keep themselves entertained throughout the flight by various in-flight entertainment such as movies, audios and even games. The inflight amenities also have USB power sockets which let you charge your mobile phones and laptops so that you can use them after deboarding the flight without having to worry about the battery. After you book China Eastern Airlines tickets, you get to savor delicious gourmet meals. Even the Economy Class feature comforting seating arrangements that will give an everlasting relaxing experience through the flight.

Frequent Flyer Program

The frequent flyer program of China Eastern Airlines is Eastern Miles. This is a loyalty program that is operated by the airline. By enrolling in this program, you can earn miles every time you book China Eastern Airlines flights. You can further redeem them in various advantages that include booking cheap flight tickets, class upgrades, booking partner hotels, renting a car, dining at a partner restaurant, and much more.

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Baggage Fees

The baggage fees of China Eastern Airlines depend on the travel class and travel routes. The bags allowance is segregated into checked baggage and cabin baggage.

Checked Baggage

Passengers traveling on domestic economy class can carry one bag with a maximum weight not exceeding 44lbs and the international economy class with two bags not exceeding of 50lbs each. The Premium Economy class can check-in 70lbs each. For domestic business class, a passenger is allowed one bag with a maximum weight of 66lbs and international passengers with two bags with a maximum weight of 70lbs each. The first-class passengers can one bag with a maximum weight of 88lbs, and an international passenger can carry three bags with a maximum weight of 72lbs each, and for the route of North America, two bags are allowed weighing not over 70lbs each.

Weight and Size Restrictions

The weight of each bags depends on the class of the airline. The economy class can check-in 44lbs and 50lbs on domestic and international. The business can check-in 66lbs and 70lbs on domestic and international. The first-class can check-in 88lbs and 72lbs on domestic and international.

China Eastern Airlines Flights & Airfare Reservations

China Eastern Airlines is one of the best airlines of China, and it is a significant member of the SkyTeam Alliance. This airline carries passengers to over 257 destinations in 35 countries and together with over 20 SkyTeam members the airline covers an extensive network which connects to more than 1,062 destinations in 177 countries. If you are looking for China Eastern Airlines flight deals, then you can check Cheapbestfares. You can make flight reservations with our comprehensive travel portal and save big by choosing one of our best deals. We provide you with amazing airline deals and discounts to an array of destinations both international and domestic.


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