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British Airways Flights and Deals

  • British Airways
  • NYC New York 03 Dec, 2019
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  • LON London 24 Dec, 2019
  • $415.00*
  • British Airways
  • LAX Los Angeles 20 Dec, 2019
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  • LON London 27 Dec, 2019
  • $815.00*
  • British Airways
  • DFW Dallas 17 Dec, 2019
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  • LON London 24 Dec, 2019
  • $1259.00*
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About British Airways

British Airways are the largest airline in the United Kingdom on the basis of its fleet size, and it is also the national flag carrier of the United Kingdom. But it is the second largest passenger carrier just after easy jet. The airline was founded on 31st March 1974.

Flight Operation/ Destination

British Airways flights cover a lot of destination throughout the world. It includes major parts of Europe, far east countries, Asia and Australia, North America, Middle- East, Caribbean, and Africa. Apart from U.K and Ireland, BA covers 34 countries in Europe like Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Iceland, Poland, and Sweden. In Fareast and Australasia, it covers 13 countries like Australia, Japan, China, Thailand, Singapore, Vietnam, and New Zealand. In the Middle East and South Asia, it covers 14 countries like India, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Sri-Lanka, United Arab Emirates and Qatar. In North America, it covers 4 countries which are Bermuda, Canada, Mexico and the United States of America. In South America, it covers 29 countries such as Argentina, Bahamas, Chile, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela, Uruguay, Colombia and Jamaica. In Africa, it covers 17 countries such as Egypt, Kenya, Mauritius, Ghana, Nigeria, Sudan, and South Africa.

Fleet Size

The British Airways has a fleet size of more than 273 aircraft that include, a list of Boeing aircraft like Boeing 777-300, Boeing 777-200, Boeing 747-400, Boeing 787-9, Boeing 787-8, Airbus like A318-100, A319-100, A320-200, A321-200 and also the Embraer series including, Embraer 190, Embraer 170.

Services & Amenities

With such a huge fleet size, British Airways has always given the customers a comfortable experience and journey. With three sections in their fleet, BA has also customized the benefits accordingly such as in Airbus the customers get to enjoy the video and audio systems for all the seats but that too on demand. The Airbus gives 50% more floor space and 60% better headroom. This makes the cabins spacious and quiet. Traveling by Boeing can provide you benefits such as on-demand video and audio at all the seats, super quiet environment with high ceilings and wide cabins. And the benefits of flying with Embraer aircraft is that you can get either the window or the aisle seat. The aircraft makes 15-30% less carbon dioxide as compared to their previous generation. You can get the British airways reservations for better services.

Moreover, in respect with the class you choose to fly in, BA has a wide range of services to offer such as, Secluded Cabins, lounge access, flatbeds, complimentary meals, bar facility, and so much more.

Frequent Flyer Program

The tier loyalty program of British Airways is also called as Executive Club. The person having the Executive Club and enjoy the access to some special lounges and fast queues. The airline also invites all their top-notch corporate accounts to join the premier incentive program. All the passengers traveling in the premium cabin can also enjoy the perk of airside lounges. These lounges are also available for certain Executive Club members as well. All the passengers holding a Gold Executive Club card or traveling in the First class are entitled to use the lounges available in the first class. The Club World or Club Europe class, (which is also known as Business Class) and the Silver Executive Club members are free to use the Business lounges.

All the status and premium passengers can access the third party lounge at the airports in which British Airways does not operate. The British Airlines, rebranded the Air miles, Iberia Plus points as IAG managed loyalty program after their merger with Iberia. They made some changes in their Executive Clubs as well. All these changes helped the airlines in maximizing the integration between British Airways and Iberia.

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Baggage Fees

Checked Baggage allowance

The checked baggage allowance is the total number of bags including the size and weight that the aircraft holds. The baggage allowance varies depending on the cabin you are traveling in. In all the flights of British Airways, the travelers can carry a maximum of 90x 75x 43cm (35.5x 29.5x 16in). All this will include the bits such as wheels, pockets, handles and other stuff. The weight limit is applicable to each bag and splitting it across various bags is not possible.

If you are traveling in the economy section, the allowance for you is:

People above the age of 12 years can carry 1 bag having the maximum weight, 23 kg/ 51 lbs.

For children below the age of 12 years: 1 bag of maximum weight 23 kg/ 51 lbs. Plus 1 fully collapsible stroller and 1 car seat.

If you are traveling in the premium economy section, the allowances are:

For children between 2-11 years: 2 bags (max. 23 kg/ 51 lbs. per bag) plus 1 car seat and 1 stroller.

For adults above the age of 12 years: 2 bags (max. 23 kg/ 51 lbs. per bag) plus 1 car seat and 1 stroller.

For infants under 2: 1 bag (max. 23kg/ 51 lbs.) plus 1 stroller and 1 car seat.

For the latest baggage policies, kindly visit our website’s baggage policy section.

Weight and Size Restrictions

Similar to the checked baggage allowance, the Weight and Size of the baggage will also depend on the airline operating your flight.

For all the Flights to/ From Brazil

Adults, children and young adults: 1 handbag/ laptop bag (max. 23kg/ 51 lbs. and up to 45x 36x 20cm/ 18x 14x 8 in) plus 1 additional cabin bag (max. 23 kg/ 51 lbs. and up to 56x 45x 25 cm/ 22x 18x 10in)

Infants (Under 2): 1 cabin bag for items required during the flight (max. 23kg/ 51 lbs. and up to 56x 45x 25cm/ 22x 18x 10in

For all other destinations

Adults, children and young adults: 1 handbag/ laptop bag (max. 23kg/ 51lbs. and up to 40x 30x 15cm/ 16x 12x 6in) plus 1 additional bag (max. 23kg/ 51lb and up to 56x 45x 25cm/ 22x 18x 10in)

For Infants (under the age of 2): 1 cabin bag for items required during the flight (max. 23kg/ 51 lbs. and up to 56x 45x 25cm/ 22x 18x 10in)

British Airways Flights & Airfare Reservations British Airways

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