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Alaska Airlines Flights and Deals

  • Alaska Airlines
  • SEA Seattle 24 Jun, 2023
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  • BOS Boston 24 Jun, 2023
  • $0.00*
  • Alaska Airlines
  • LAS Las Vegas 28 Jul, 2023
  • Image
  • LAX Los Angeles 28 Jul, 2023
  • $45.00*
  • Alaska Airlines
  • LAX Los Angeles 20 Jul, 2023
  • Image
  • LAS Las Vegas 20 Jul, 2023
  • $64.00*
  • Alaska Airlines
  • SEA Seattle 19 Jul, 2023
  • Image
  • LAX Los Angeles 19 Jul, 2023
  • $69.00*
  • Alaska Airlines
  • LAX Los Angeles 13 Jul, 2023
  • Image
  • PDX Portland 13 Jul, 2023
  • $99.00*
  • Alaska Airlines
  • LAX Los Angeles 30 Jun, 2023
  • Image
  • SFO San Francisco 05 Jul, 2023
  • $104.00*
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About Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is considered as one of the major airlines around the world and United States of America. The airlines together with Virgin America and its regional partners today flies 40 million passengers a year. It serves across 118 destinations with an average of 1200 daily flights across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Cuba and Costa Rica. It is a large American airline which flies to many destinations including Adak, Albuquerque, Anchorage, Atlanta, Austin, Baltimore, Barrow, Bellingham, Bethel, Boston, Burbank, Cancun, Charleston, Chicago, Cordova, Dallas, Detroit, Liberia, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Manzanillo, Palm Springs, Petersburg, Philadelphia, Portland etc. Along with it, the Alaska Airlines flights are having codeshare agreements with Aeromexico, American Airlines, Cathay Pacific, Air France, Emirates, Delta Air Lines, Icelandair and Qantas.

Alaska Airlines is headquartered in SeaTac, Washington. Being the fifth largest airlines in United States, it is famous for its world class interior and luxurious and incredible services. Along with it, the airline is recognized across the globe for its provision of high-end amenities at low cost. It acquires a lot of accolades and awards on its name including the best airlines award, 11 times, which it won for its impeccable services and customers satisfaction during their flight. The present stats indicate that Alaska Airlines has become a very big brand working in the west coast of America, and its covers over 115 destinations across Canada, United States, Mexico, and Costa Rica.

The hubs of Alaska Airlines are located at San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), Seattle-Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and Portland International Airport (PDX). If you are visiting to some of the best destinations of United States, Mexico, or Canada then make sure that you check out the deals on domestic flights as well as international flights of Alaska Airlines on Cheapbestfares.

As per 2019, the airline is having the fleet of the most fuel-efficient aircrafts and it has done much more to keep its planes and flying sustainable and eco-friendly. Alaska Airlines is having a strength of 322 crafts which are modern and fully capable of providing the passengers and unique and ultimate flying experience. The Alaska Airlines consist of 50 Embraer – 175, 41 Bombardier Q400, 160 Boeing 737 and 71 Airbus A320 family aircrafts.

Services & Amenities

In-flight Entertainment

There are two options of inflight entertainment for passengers flying with Alaska Airlines flights. They can either download the Gogo Entertainment app and steam the TV shows and movies on their personal device or on certain flight paths, there are inflight entertainment tablets available for rent.

Alaska Airlines TV

By downloading the Gogo Entertainment app, passengers flying with Alaska Airlines are able to stream multiple TV shows on their laptop, tablet or mobile device. The Inflight entertainment tablets are preloaded with a large collection of TV shows which are available in First Class. These shows can also be rented on flights flying to and from Hawaii as well as coast-to-coast flights. You can find cheap airline tickets on Cheapbestfares while flying to your favorites destinations with Alaska Airlines.

Alaska Airlines Movies

With the Gogo Entertainment app, the Alaska Airlines passengers can have access for free to over 500 titles which include around 200 different movies to stream on their personal tablet. First Class customers are also having access to in-flight entertainment tablets which are preloaded with the newest movies, Inflight entertainment tablets etc. also available for rent on coast-to-coast Hawaii flights.


The Alaska Airlines Wi-Fi starts $4.95 USD and goes up depending on the plan chosen by the customers.

Alaska Airlines Food

Meal Options

Once making Alaska Airlines reservations passengers can avail to the meal choice available on flights. These meal choices vary depending on the length of your trip, but for the passengers in main cabin, items such as cheese platters, sandwiches and salads are available to purchase. These items can be pre-ordered by the passengers on the Alaska Airline app 24 hours before flying, or can be purchased in flight as well.

Passengers which are traveling in first class can choose from a range of foods, including breakfast, main dishes and snacks. These items can be pre-ordered on the Alaska Air app up to 24 hours before departure.

Special Dietary Requirements

Passengers flying with the airline can purchase items of food which suit their dietary meals, such as ‘Mediterranean tapas picnic pack’ which is suitable for vegans, kosher, and gluten-free. Passengers can directly contact Alaska Airlines in order to find our more information on how they can meet their dietary requirements.

Drinks and Alcohol

Passengers flying in economy class receive complimentary soft drinks and tea or coffee, with liquor, wine and beer being available for purchase. All the drinks including wines, beer, spirits and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the first class fares.

Frequent Flyer Program

With Alaska Airlines and its global partners’ customers can earn and redeem miles on flights to more than 900 destinations worldwide. The airlines operate a frequent flyer program called Mileage Plan to reward regular passengers with the airline. With Mileage Plan, passengers can earn miles every time you fly Alaska Airlines or with one the airline partners. If the customer has fled with Alaska Airlines for enough times, they can quality for elite status and as MVP, MVP Gold or Gold 75k member they can enjoy great benefits, special treatment and even bonus miles on every flight and members with children can freeze their membership for 1 year.

things to do airplane

Baggage Policy

The baggage fees in Alaska Airlines depends upon different aspects such as the travel class and people flying to the routes. Once a passenger has completed their Alaska Airlines tickets booking they need to ensure that they have checked the baggage fees and other allowance on our website. Below stated is the details about the checked baggage allowance and its weight and size restrictions. 

Checked Baggage Allowance

The checked baggage allowance in Alaska Airlines is provided to each traveler on the basis of the travel class which they are flying into. For every passenger it is important to carry a maximum of 2 bags weighing not more than 100lbs, and dimensions not more than 45 linear inches. Flying with the airlines be very sure about the booked travel class. 

Classes of Flying

Economy Class

The airlines’ Economy Class which is also referred as the ‘Main Cabin’ class is the most basic class of cabin within the main cabin. There are two different fares from which one can choose from – the ‘Saver’ fare and the ‘Main Cabin’ fare. The latter acquires the number of additional perks with more flexibility and options. 

The main cabin of airlines economy class is having full food and drinks menu, with meals available to order up to 12 hours before take-off. In addition to this, passengers can also connect to on-board Wi-Fi for general internet browsing and the connect to Alaska Airlines’ inflight entertainment system. The economy class seats are made from leather with ample space and a USB and power outlet fitted to each seat. 

Premium Economy

The Premium Economy class which is also known as ‘Premium Class’, provides the passengers with everything which the Main Cabin offers. A little extra are added to make the flight more comfortable. The passengers flying in premium economy are provided with a complimentary drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic), as well as a complimentary snack. This class also offers it passengers with premium boarding and seating. The seats of the class are very comfortable and are made with genuine leather. The premium economy seats have 4 more inches of legroom as compared to main cabin class seats. 

Business Class

Alaska Airlines does not have a Business Class in their flights. Passengers have to upgrade themselves from Premium Class to First Class to get better facilities. Cheapbestfares offers its passengers with an opportunity to fly with business class by getting amazing Alaska Airlines deals and making the most of their time and money by booking tickets at lowest airfares. 

First Class

The first class of the Alaska Airlines is its most luxurious cabin class with the highest service standards. The facilities provided in the first class of the airline includes a complimentary meal which is available to order up to 24 hours before take-off. Each passenger is given a soft quilted blanket and free entertainment tablet for the duration of the flight. The seats of first class are much larger and more comfortable than the ones in main cabin and Premium Class, with more recline and 40 inches of pitch and the food and drinks here are complimentary. You can find great travel deals on Cheapbestfares while flying with Alaska Airlines. 

The first class lounge of Alaska Airlines is offers quiet relaxing space for the passengers to unwind before their flight. The lounge includes a variety of snacks and food as well as complimentary non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks. These lounges can be found at Seattle, Los Angeles, New York JFK, Portland and Anchorage airport. The airline is also set to open a brand new lounge at San Francisco International Airport in 2020. 

Popular Routes

•    Los Angeles - Adak
•    Bethel Los - Angeles
•    Los Angeles - Kahului
•    New Orleans - Los Angeles
•    Los Angeles - Kansas City
•    Los Angeles – Nashville

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

1.    Can I change my Alaska flight?

Yes, of course, the passengers can change their flights, but certain things are to taken into consideration. The change of the flight should be right before or on the day of the flight departure. This might still be possible but if it is will cost the passenger a lot of money. If done at the right time the changes can be made without any charges. 

2.    What are the hubs of Alaska Airlines?

The hubs of the airlines are Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and the focus cities on San Jose and San Diego, the largest hub being at the Seattle- Tacoma international airport.

3.    How to change flight Alaska airlines?

To change your flight, you either need to visit the Alaska airlines reservation website or call the TFN +1-855-222-7164 of Cheapbestfares, they will help you make the necessary flight changes according to your needs.

4.    Does Alaska airlines do international flights

Yes, Alaska airlines fly to international destinations. The current international destinations they fly to be Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. International Flight Deals are available on Alaska airlines which can be booked on Cheapbestfares.

5.    How to book international flights on Alaska airlines?

Booking an Alaska airline flight is very easy. All you need to do is call the TFN +1-855-222-7164 of Cheapbestfares


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