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Alaska Airlines Flights and Deals

  • Alaska Airlines
  • CHI Chicago 21 Nov, 2019
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  • ABQ Albuquerque 28 Nov, 2019
  • $655.00*
  • Alaska Airlines
  • NYC New York 19 Dec, 2019
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  • LAS Las Vegas 22 Dec, 2019
  • $732.00*
  • Alaska Airlines
  • HOU Houston 17 Dec, 2019
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  • BOS Boston 22 Dec, 2019
  • $1349.00*
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About Alaska Airlines

Alaska Airlines is one of the major airlines in the United States of America having its headquarters in SeaTac, Washington. The fifth largest airlines in the US was founded in the year 1932 by McGee Airways. Alaska airlines are world famous for its luxurious interior and incredible services to the onboard passengers. Alaska Airlines is recognized across the globe as the airlines providing high-end amenities at a low cost. Airlines have a lot of awards to its name, including the best airlines award, 11 times. This award was given to them for their impeccable services and customer satisfaction during their flight. 

According to the latest stats it is seen that Alaska Airlines has become a very big brand working in the west coast of America. They cover over 115 destinations across Canada, US, Mexico, and Costa Rica. The hubs of the airlines are San Francisco International Airport (SFO), Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport (ANC), Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA), Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), and Portland International Airport (PDX). If you are visiting to some of the best destinations of US, Mexico or Canada then check out the deals on domestic flights as well as international flights of Alaska Airlines on Cheapbestfares.

Flight Operation/ Destination

Alaska Airlines serve more than 115 destinations across Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and the US. The serve destinations in Alaska such as Adak, Bethel, Juneau, Nome, Sitka, Wrangell and many more. It also serves destination in Idaho, Hawaii, Kansas, Arizona, Utah, Texas, Massachusetts, South Caroline, Oklahoma, Indiana, and others. If you wish to fly to any of these places, get the Alaska Airlines flight tickets at the best price on Cheapbestfares.

Fleet Size

As per the latest stats, Alaska Airlines has a fleet of the most fuel-efficient aircraft. They have a strength of 322 crafts that are modern and fully capable of providing the passengers, an ultimate flight experience. The Alaska Airlines consist of 50 Embraer- 175, 41 Bombardier Q400, 160 Boeing 737 and 71 Airbus A320 family aircraft.

Classes of Service 

Alaska Airlines Economy Class 

The most basic cabin class available on the airlines, the economy class is for the travelers who arelooking up to save some money. You can give up some of the luxuries to save a considerable amount of money. Meals and beverages are available in this class, and there is a wide variety to choose from. In flight is also available in this class which, you can connect to the Wi-Fi and you can enjoy the inflight entertainment system. 

The seats are comfortable with proper space and every seat has a USB port and a power outlet to keep your devices charged. Cheap Airline Tickets are easily available on website of website of Cheapbestfares to the destination of your choice.  

Alaska Airlines Premium Economy Class

The premium economy class has added benefits than the basic economy class. The class is more comfortable and better than the basic economy. The passengers are provided with complimentary snack and a drink, the drink can be either alcoholic or non-alcoholic. This class will also provide you premium seating and boarding so that you have the least hassle while boarding the flight. 

The seats are plush and comfortable and provide you with and extra 4 inches of legroom. The inflight entertainment is available for your entertainment, which you can access using the Wi-Fi on the plane. You can either watch the movies on your device or you can rent a tablet on the plane. The USB and power slots are available under your seat so you can enjoy your movies without your devices running out of power.

Alaska Airlines First Class

Buying a first class enables you to enjoy unmatched comfort and services. The seats are very plush and comfortable with ample space, you can recline them and go for a nap or sleep. You have extra head and legroom. The meals are specially made according to your needs and are scrumptious, so are the assorted wines and spirits available on the flight. You can even pick your meal 24 hours before the flight. The meals and beverages are complimentary in this cabin class. 

The passengers are provided inflight tablets for their entertainment and they can enjoy their favorite movies and TV shows after they are connected to the Wi-Fi. You can enjoy the amazing and luxurious lounges at some of the select airports, with an array of delicious and assorted chef prepared dishes for you.

Services & Amenities

The services and amenities in Alaska Airlines depend on the travel class you choose for yourself. The airlines provide three types of travel class in total, Premium, Economy and First Class. For all the passengers traveling in the Economy class get to enjoy the comfortable seating, 3.5 hours of entertainment on rent, sockets for charging laptops and mobiles, complimentary meals and beverages, whereas for the first class travelers the services and amenities include spacious seating, mouth-watering food, large variety of beverages, dedicated flight attendants, and priority check-ins. And for the Premium class travelers, they get comfortable seats with extra legroom, snacks, cocktails, wines, beer, complimentary food, and other in-flight amenities. To enjoy all these services, book Alaska Airlines flights with Cheapbestfares.

Alaska Airlines Frequent Flyer Program

Alaska Mileage plan is the frequent flyer program of Alaska Airlines. Enrolling in the program helps the travelers get the extra benefits and perks of using Alaska Airlines. In this program, all the travelers earn one mile for every mile they fly. And you can redeem these miles for fetching some extra privileges such as, upgrading their travel class, book a new flight, check-in baggage and more.

Alaska Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Alaska airlines provides Inflight entertainment their passenger so that they don’t feel bored during the flight. You need to download the GoGo app to enjoy the movies and TV shows on your phone. Wi-Fi is available during the flight so you can enjoy these services. You can even rent headphones on the flight for just 3$ if you forgot yours at home.

Alaska Airlines WIFI

The Wi-Fi, is available for free on the Alaska airline flights, the flights have Satellite Wi-Fi installed which is 20 times faster than their previous inflight Wi-Fi. So, you can stream anything you want without worrying about buffering. You can visit and choose what kind of needs you have for using the Wi-Fi.

Alaska Airlines Food

The airlines offers amazing meals and beverages to their passengers, they have the option to pre order their meals before the flights. The time is of pre ordering food is 12 hours for economy and premium economy and 24 hours for first class. They have a huge range of means and drinks available to choose from. They food in first class is prepared by chefs especially for the passengers.

Unaccompanied Minor Service

The Unaccompanied Minor Service is provided to the minors aged 5 to 17. The contact of the gate escort and guardian are required. This service is optional for the kids between the ages of 13 to 17. The flight of the minors cannot be between 9pm and 5am. This service costs 50$ each way for a direct flight and 75$ for connecting flights. The minors will always be under constant supervision and they will be provided complimentary meals once they are on the flight.

things to do airplane

Baggage Fees

The baggage fee in Alaska Airlines depends on different aspects such as your travel class and routes. So, once you complete the Alaska Airlines booking. Be very sure in checking the baggage fees and other allowances from our websites.

Checked Baggage allowance

The checked baggage allowance is provided to each traveler on the basis of the travel class they are traveling in.

Weight and Size Restrictions

Every passenger is allowed to carry a maximum of 2 bags weighing not more than 100lbs. and dimensions not more than 45 linear inches. So, be very sure about the travel class you book.

Alaska Airlines Deals & Flights Reservations Alaska Airlines

With its head offices located in SeaTac, Washington, Alaska airline is one of the biggest names in the airline industry. They are the fifth largest airline In America. The airline has an experience of more than 7 decades in the aviation industry. Although Alaska airlines is not a member of any of the 3 major alliances, it has codeshare agreement with 17 airlines which include the members of Sky team, one world and Star alliance. 

The hubs of the airlines are Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and the focus cities on San Jose and San Diego, the largest hub being at the Seattle- Tacoma international airport. Alaska Airlines reservations are can be done using Cheapbestfares who will help you find Cheap Alaska Airlines tickets the destinations of your choice. Everyone would love to find the cheapest prices and the best deals when they are booking a flight but it is very difficult for majority of people to do so. Cheapbestfares has the solution for all your problems related to air travel. 

Alaska Airlines flight deals can be found all year round on Cheapbestfares. Booking flights is very easy process and can be done in no time, all you need to do go to the website of Cheapbestfares, filling in your information and you will be able to book Alaska flights onlinein no time. Alaska flights offer will help you save a lot of money and get you amazing deals on travel. We are a step solution to your travels related problem. So, don’t wait to book your Cheap Alaska flights using Cheapbestfares to find exciting offers and travel deals

Alaska Airlines is known for its hospitality and comfortable journey. To get Alaska Airline deals you can always check our website. The brand has some exceptional services and amenities that help them cater to the needs of all the passengers onboard. So, complete your Alaska Airline Reservation to experience the ultimate comfort that these airlines provide

Alaska Airlines Flights Reservations FAQ’S

Can I change my Alaska flight?

Yes, of course, the passengers can change their flights, but certain things are to taken into consideration. The change of the flight should be right before or on the day of the flight departure. This might still be possible but if it is will cost the passenger a lot of money. If done at the right time the changes can be made without any charges. 

What are the hubs of Alaska Airlines?

The hubs of the airlines are Anchorage, Los Angeles, Portland, San Francisco and the focus cities on San Jose and San Diego, the largest hub being at the Seattle- Tacoma international airport.

How to change flight Alaska airlines?

To change your flight you either need to visit the Alaska airlines reservation website or call theTFN +1-855-222-7164 of Cheapbestfares, they will help you make the necessary flight changes according to your needs.

Does Alaska airlines do international flights

Yes, Alaska airlines fly to international destinations. The current international destinations they fly to be Canada, Mexico and Costa Rica. International Flight Deals are available on Alaska airlines which can be booked on Cheapbestfares.

How to book international flights on Alaska airlines?

Booking an Alaska airline flight is very easy.All you need to do is call the TFN +1-855-222-7164 of Cheapbestfares.


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